Playing Catch-Up

friday has arrived and i desperately need it this week.  life has been way too busy and even though i have plans saturday, at least it's just to celebrate st. patrick's day with copious amounts of green beer rather than doing anything productive.  but i have been slacking in this space, that's for sure.  i'm behind on responding to comments and for hitting 'publish' on as many posts as i would like.  because i know i can't respond to the comments, so i don't publish them.  ah well, more material saved up in the drafts folder.  so what's been taking up all my time lately?

... setting up the steph and tara show website kept me quite busy there for awhile.  i got a cheap basic design on etsy but then had to put in all the details myself so that took awhile.  i also had to set up all the social media accounts, unlock our old youtube, get the domain name transferred and then finally actually figure out how to get the podcast working.  i know i wanted it to be on blogger because that's what i know (and tara is unlikely to do any of the blogging side of things) and we knew we didn't want to pay to host our website or our podcasts.  so i had to figure out how to get the podcast on each post in blogger and how to make that work so the feed would update itunes with each new post.  it was some work, i tell ya, but i figured it out.  if you want to know how to start and host podcasts completely free, i'm your girl.

... i really concentrated on my apartment clean out because the salvation army is coming march 19 to pick up all my donations.  so that's the deadline for completely decluttering - i don't want to schedule them again later for just 1 bag of stuff, and i don't want to go drop it off and wait for a receipt for one little bag (and i always get the receipt because remember, tax write off.)  so if it's scheduled and they're coming, i best get everything i possibly can all at once.  currently it's my old roommate's 2 tables and 2 chairs she left behind to donate, plus a shelving unit and 15 bags/small boxes of various clothes and household items.  phew.  who knew we even had that much?!  here's what the donation room is looking like right now (tables and chairs not included):

... that also made me really work on my wardrobe and i finally have the year round capsule wardrobe i've wanted.  it's 16 pieces and 3 shoes for spring/summer and 12 pieces and 3 shoes for fall/winter (plus 4 fancy occasion only pieces and a tiny amount of workout gear.  i don't workout.)  i didn't include pjs, socks, underwear, or tank tops worn under some of my shirts, but those are very minimal as well.  do you want a capsule wardrobe post?  not a how-to, but a visual overview of what's included in my wardrobe?  i'm happy to whip one up in canva or polyvore if people are interested.  i can't decide if anyone would care, or if that's just something i'm interested in.

... i had to go get my hair done.  i was there for 3 and a half hours, yes, yes that's how long it takes to highlight my hair.  it's unreal, and it's why i only do it twice a year.  what a time suck.  plus it wasn't exactly how i wanted the first time, so i had to go back the next day to have them fix it.  another couple of hours.  sigh.  and no, because of the length and thickness of my hair, it would not go any faster if i came in every 6 to 8 weeks like they suggest.  i asked.

and that's been life lately.  i'm ready for my friday afternoon nap.

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