Spring Goals aka It's Moving Time

okay spring goals, let's do this.  linking up with steph and sara.

Life According to Steph

i've never actually set seasonal goals before, i tend to set them monthly, yearly, and then with my 101 in 1001 list.  but i've watched steph set them every season for awhile so i think i'll test it out and see how it works.  since it ends mid-june, it's a solid 3 months in which to get things done.

1. write and publish more posts.  i was doing well and i still have a ton of stuff sitting in drafts (like 150+ posts, all almost done) but i keep not hitting publish because i don't have the time to finish them up or respond to comments.  i just have to make the time.  so in the next 3 months let's say... at least 40 posts.

2. get all things donated!  the salvation army comes tomorrow so that part is a cop-out but i still have things to donate that they won't take, so i have to take those myself and finally get everything out of my place.  i'll feel a lot of relief when it's all gone.

3. pack and move!  lease is up at the end of april.  but i'm watching my parents dogs from april 13 until 2 days before the lease is up, so i need to be all packed before the 13th, really.  shouldn't be too hard, but with that does come spring/move out cleaning.  i'm terrified of what hawkeye has hoarded under the bed and couch.

4. on a related note, take photos/video of all of that packing ^^^.  i mentioned on twitter that when i last moved (into this current apartment, 1.5 years ago), i had about 20 boxes of various sizes.  i know this, because i carefully categorized it all here.  i kept two of the larger size boxes in my parents attic (the size you can see labeled bedroom or front closet) and everything i own can now fit into those two boxes as opposed to the 20 it took last time.  how's that for decluttering and minimalism?!  each one is about half packed, since i can't fully pack up the kitchen and bedroom just yet.  but the rest will fit, i'm confident.  my entire wardrobe, minus the two largest pairs of shoes i have, fits in my carry on suitcase.  yep, whole thing.  i should probably take pictures of that too.  anyway, people said they want to see and i'm happy to show off!  i have a list here, in case you're curious - it's my spreadsheet of everything i own, and i've been updating it with what i've already packed and what i expect the movers to have to take.  i like to plan things.

5. go to a street fest.  they get started end of may, so i should be able to make at least one before mid june.

what about you, got any spring time goals?  link up!

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