Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  

1. walk for a dog app now that the weather is cooperating, at least here in chicago, get your butt outside and walk.  i've mentioned this app many times but i'm adding it again for anyone new.  the walk for a dog app is totally free.  when you sign in, you set it to the animal charity of choice (mine is set to chicago's red door animal shelther, where hawkeye is from) and the app pays out to the charity about quarterly.  all you have to do is walk.  that's right, it tracks your walk and donates based on miles and how many people are walking for your charity.  at zero cost to you.  not that it's tons of money but if you're walking anyway, shouldn't it be for a purpose?  and what's better than saving animals?  so download it and open it every time you walk - whether you're with your dog or not.  heck, whether you have a dog or not!  i turn it on not only when i walk hawkeye, but when i walk to and from work, when i grocery shop, when i walk to meet my friend for lunch, etc etc.  it takes one extra second to switch it on each time.

2. lazy girl's guides by rachhloves.  rachel is definitely one of my favorite youtubers, i love all of her videos.  but her lazy girl's guides are far and away the best and some of the funniest and most true to your life videos you'll ever watch.  the surviving winter one up there makes me laugh every time, but you're going to love all of them, i promise.  she has new ones fairly regularly so i recommend you subscribe to her channel as well.

3. the steph and tara show and last but certainly not least, the return of the steph and tara show.  yes, steph being me.  we used to have a podcast and website, back before i even had this one.  simple math will tell you that was like 4 years ago.  (you can even see old videos of us back then on our youtube channel, which we've unlocked and plan on restarting.)  so go to the website, check it out.  we have a few podcasts up and some posts, but we're still working all the kinks out.  i did set up all the social media for it, so follow us!  bloglovin, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, all that good stuff.  you can, using the rss feed, find the podcast on itunes already, but i'm still waiting on official itunes approval to get our link.  right now our podcast is daily, we're doing 'half-baked holidays' where we do a quick morning podcast on the weird but fun national holiday of that day, like pancake day, dog day, nacho day, etc. so we can tell you ways to celebrate what you can get for free!  once we work out more technical stuff to get the website done and the itunes flowing, then we'll have other, longer podcasts like we used to.  (and i'll actually record since right now it's all tara recording and me uploading/doing website stuff.)  for literally no reason other than shits and giggles, don't go expecting greatness.  we record these during/after drinking fishbowls like that ^^^

happy thursday, friends!

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