My Stripper Name Is Crystal Knox

what better on a friday than totally useless facts about me?  you already know the important stuff so i figure it's time for some nonsense.  and although it is april fool's day, i don't ever 'celebrate' it by pulling pranks so i assure you everything on this list is true.
... my stripper name is, indeed, crystal knox.  to get your stripper name, you take the name of your first pet (mine was a westie named crystal, you can see her here.  my parents got her one year before me, and that's my favorite photo of us.) plus the name of the street you grew up on, and our house was/is on knox.  so, crystal knox.  which is like the best of all time, and you know it. 

... after compliments and comments on my hair, i probably get told most often that i open straws like a server.  i get comments on my hair usually once a day, if not more.  i get told i open straws like a server at least once a week.  i don't know why people want to comment on this, but they do.  'ohhh you must have been a waitress!'  i mean, i was, i served drinks at a pool for a summer.  but also it's the only way to open a straw without getting your fingers on it, which are probably full of germs.  don't worry, i'm getting off straws because they're definitely not zero waste.

... i think different colored m&ms taste different.  in fact, i know they do, and if you tried it you would see.  green ones taste the best, for the record.  at least in the regular packs, i have not tested out all the different colors they offer like at easter time and all that.

... i once made my friends play bar golf, and required them to get their underwear signed by strangers, and tara wore extra big underwear so she could get the most signatures.  and that's why she's my best friend.

... i'm typing up a 'most used movie quotes post' and realized that i must talk in quotes for most of my day.  the list is extensive.  does anyone else do this?  i must say 'you're tacky and i hate you' at least twice a week.
... my favorite movie is empire records.  you might already know this, i mention it a lot.  and, my blog is named after it.  if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend you do, because next friday is a special holiday and you should be ready!  i might have a giveaway involved.

so... what's your stripper name?  happy friday!

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