Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites. 

1. new cowboy boots.  they're the ariat heritage, but i ordered them off amazon because they're cheaper there than any other website.  i love all things country but nothing more so than my boots.  okay, our horses, but then boots.  they last forever and my old pair was finally giving out.  getting new ones isn't super fun because you have to break them in and because it's always hard for me to find ones that come in wide width for my wide feet.  cowboy boots tend to be more narrow than other types of shoes, but these come in a wide with ('c' they label it) and they're perfect.  still have to break them in, but once i do, they'll be the coziest shoes ever.  boots with dresses is adorable for spring and summer so i suggest you order you some right now.

2. podcasts!  since tara and i started recording our own podcasts, i've been listening to a ton more.  and it's so much more fun when you know the people talking.  steph and jana are so much fun to listen to (they talk about books), you can find their podcast, the armchair librarians, on itunes.  and holly started up the haunted family podcast, which is perfect if you're into the supernatural creepy things like i am.  i definitely recommend you check out both.

3. cruelty free nail polish for spring.  i've finally tried out the new wet n wild wonder gel polish and i really like it.  i definitely don't think it's like real gels, but for only $5 and no light or other fancy gadgets and top coats needed, it gets the job done for sure.  it lasts longer on me than essie does.  i love this periwinkle color for spring, and they also have cvs exclusive colors so i picked up the white one there.  i have dip powder on my nails right now, but i'll be going back to this after.

happy thursday!  big holiday tomorrow, so stop back in!

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