Hello, Yes, This is Dog

May 31, 2016

hello, yes, this is dog.

my mom's dog, joey

no, just kidding, it's stephanie.  (and if you don't understand the 'this is dog' reference, spend more time on reddit.)  it's been a bit since i've been around.  uh... whoops?

whatever.  you know by now where i've been - we bought a house.  and while i can multitask a lot of things, i have to care about those things and i simply didn't care about blogging while we moved and set up the brand new house.  not even going to use 'we didn't have internet' as an excuse because we got in installed like 2 days after moving in.

so i just didn't blog, didn't read blogs, didn't really get online much.  i snap chatted a few things and i try to get my life snippets up on instagram, but i've mostly been disconnected.  and still today is going to be one of those days where i mark everything in my feedly as 'read.'  these things happen.

i sort of hope to be caught up soon, but at the same time sort of don't care?  (see #3 for more.)  but there are all sorts of happenings that i'd like to blog about.  and i will.  some things i'm planning on telling you about oh so soon:

1. going the beauties and beaus show at hydrate with tara and monica.  i cannot even express how much fun this was, and as soon as i get my photos and videos off my camera, you will see.  i cannot wait to go back.  any other chicago bloggers and/or chicago friends want to come with us next time?  we'll be going back in a few weeks!

2. cover your bases bar crawl (and festa bar crawls in general), which tara came in town for.

3. my support for steph's post which isn't live at the point that this one is, but we text about blog things so i know it's coming tomorrow and i'm behind her totally.  i know i have you intrigued now.  i have mentioned her a million times on this blog in the past 4(!) years but if you don't follow her yet, i absolutely think you should and you will not be sorry.  but i think her post, which i hope just drips with snark and hints of disdain, will sum up my feelings on a lot of things lately as well.  we're very, very similar people, except she's #teampug and i'm #teampomeranian.

4. an update on my spring goals.  hint: gonna be a real short post.  hashtag lots of fail.

5. micah's new book!  because that's amazing.  there's just something about reading a published book from one of your long time blog friends that makes it particularly fun and special.  i find it more exciting to read a book when i can be all 'hey, i know her!'

6. pretty sure i saw heath ledger on the train this morning; the guy looked so much like him to the point where i spent 20 minutes questioning whether his death was a hoax.  if you go follow me on snapchat, you can still see him for the next, i dunno, 20 hours or so.  my username is stephs1120.

7. and of course, the house!  lots and lots of house related things.  to the point where i'll drive you nuts.  but i have a lot to share, besides just the general tour.  i want to tell you about things we plan on doing and ask for your input on what we should do in certain spaces.  i want to tell you about my glorious minimalist wardrobe and how nicely it fits into the closet space.  i want to update you on what it's like living with john and being homeowners and having more space to clean and keep up with and how it is having to meal plan and cook for two people and a dog who thinks she's a people.  and how we keep finances in check, even though john just spent $1,000+ on a projector and screen and surround sound and i just spent $2,000 on a front loading washer and dryer and pedestals (did you see those on instagram?  because i could sit and watch them as long as john could sit and watch his projector screen.)  okay so maybe not the finances in check part, but i am saving tons on groceries so... trade off? or something?

that's a lot of house related things indeed.  the tour will be up first (this week?! could it happen?!) of course, but then after that i have no schedule.  if there's something you want to see or hear about first, or have any specific questions, let me know in the comments because i will make that a priority.

and that's it for today.  let's not get crazy and burn myself out.

Goal Setting Tip of the Month: Create a Motivating Environment

May 13, 2016

i admit it, i was a little skeptical of rory gilmore's study tree.  you remember, gilmore girls fans - she found the most perfect study spot at all of yale.  a tree outside.  she even paid a guy to move when he was in her spot, she was so obsessed with it.  well, turns out she was onto something.

your environment impacts your energy, motivation, and decision making.  for example, studies have shown that people think bigger and more creatively in open rooms with high ceilings.  they also show that people learn better and memorize faster after taking a walk in the woods than they did if they had just walked along a busy street.  sounding a little like rory's study tree environment?  yes, your environment has a direct impact on how motivated you are to achieve your goals and how well you'll perform at attempting to reach them.

so set up a motivating environment!  it really is as simple as it sounds.  of course, the environment you set up will depend on which goals you're procrastinating, but some ways to set up a motivating space include:

- setting up and maintaining a clutter free desk
- buying a comfortable chair
- set up a motivating quote in your work space
- playing classical music

now, those would specifically apply to getting more work done (be it studying, blogging, office work, etc.) but you can see how it would apply to other areas.  working out, for example - clear off the treadmill and make your workout gear otherwise accessible and uncluttered, wear comfortable shoes, listen to heart pumping music.  get outside if you can.

a few simple tweaks to the space around you can really help you achieve more and procrastinate less. it's worth a shot!

Three on Thursday

May 12, 2016

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  

1. bath and body works summer candle scents not everyone loves the bbw 3 wick candles.  steph refuses to buy any more, they crap out on her.  but i've never had a problem with them so i keep stocking up, i just love them.  if you've struggled with them before, just make sure that you burn them for two hours the first time; you have to burn a full top layer (so it's all liquid, no hard wax on the outside edges) and then it should be fine all the next times you use them.  anyway, i always under the impression that i only loved their fall/winter scents but i think they've really stepped up their summer scents game.  i recommend georgia peach, pineapple mango, watermelon lemonade, and fiji white sands.

2. martha stewart towels at macy's i was under the impression that my current towels were fine but my mom disagreed.  plus she said when you move into a new house, you get new stuff.  so she bought me all new towels because she's the best mommy ever.  we decided on the martha stewart ones at macy's and i love them.  they are so soft and wash really well.  i got the fuzzies out (which happens with all new towels, you know that.) in just one wash cycle and they were ready to use.  they're currently 40% off!  i got them in the ivory color, in case you're curious.  and in addition to whatever sale macy's is having on a given day, the martha stewart line is being discontinued and everything is on closeout, so i recommend checking out the rest of her line as well (like sheets and kitchen things.)

3. we close on our house tomorrow at noon!  i try to keep my 'three on thursdays' things you should do, try, or buy, and i realize this doesn't quite fit that, but i thought you'd like to know.  so i guess in keeping with the recommendations theme, i think you should follow me on snapchat (stephs1120) if you don't already, because i'll be showing the brand new house!  tomorrow evening will be cleaning and changing the locks, so you'll see the place totally empty, and saturday morning we'll start moving furniture in.  i'll definitely be doing blog posts about this, but in case you want an early view, snapchat is where it'll be!

happy thursday friends!

Three on Thursday

May 5, 2016

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites. 

1. american eagle plaid top.  some days i'm like 'meh, i'm too old for ae and their hippie festival wear' and most times, i'm correct.  but i swear by ae jeans and occasionally their shirts.  in particular, this one.  which is on clearance for only $18.  it's so soft and comfortable, get it!  i live in this sucker lately, i should probably get a back up.  and maybe the dark colored version for fall and winter.

2. deep eddy vodka.  a new favorite brand because i love peach flavored cocktails and they make a peach vodka.  i'll drink it by itself but john makes a face when he does and mixed it with sparkling water instead.  it's so delicious, and they also have sweet tea, lemon, grapefruit, cranberry and of course plain.  inexpensive too.  my target sells it, in case you're looking.

3. kentucky derby pick - mo tom.  that's my pick and i'm stickin to it!  i went to kentucky with my dad this past weekend on a whim to see our baby horse.  i was posting about it to snapchat, sorry if you missed it because you didn't know i had snapchat.  i forget to share things like that.  it's stephs1120, same as all social media if you want to find me!  i'll post some photos and videos here, once i get them off my camera.  anyway, we've had the same horse breeder for many years - i used to play with the cats on his farm when i was little, like 6.  he even taught me how to drive (on one of those john deere golf cart things.)  and he bred mo tom, so that is my pick.  take it for what you will.

happy thursday friends, the weekend is almost upon us!

p.s. i'm gonna be a better blogger.  soon.  one day.  eventually.

probably not.

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