Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites. 

1. american eagle plaid top.  some days i'm like 'meh, i'm too old for ae and their hippie festival wear' and most times, i'm correct.  but i swear by ae jeans and occasionally their shirts.  in particular, this one.  which is on clearance for only $18.  it's so soft and comfortable, get it!  i live in this sucker lately, i should probably get a back up.  and maybe the dark colored version for fall and winter.

2. deep eddy vodka.  a new favorite brand because i love peach flavored cocktails and they make a peach vodka.  i'll drink it by itself but john makes a face when he does and mixed it with sparkling water instead.  it's so delicious, and they also have sweet tea, lemon, grapefruit, cranberry and of course plain.  inexpensive too.  my target sells it, in case you're looking.

3. kentucky derby pick - mo tom.  that's my pick and i'm stickin to it!  i went to kentucky with my dad this past weekend on a whim to see our baby horse.  i was posting about it to snapchat, sorry if you missed it because you didn't know i had snapchat.  i forget to share things like that.  it's stephs1120, same as all social media if you want to find me!  i'll post some photos and videos here, once i get them off my camera.  anyway, we've had the same horse breeder for many years - i used to play with the cats on his farm when i was little, like 6.  he even taught me how to drive (on one of those john deere golf cart things.)  and he bred mo tom, so that is my pick.  take it for what you will.

happy thursday friends, the weekend is almost upon us!

p.s. i'm gonna be a better blogger.  soon.  one day.  eventually.

probably not.

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