Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  

1. bath and body works summer candle scents not everyone loves the bbw 3 wick candles.  steph refuses to buy any more, they crap out on her.  but i've never had a problem with them so i keep stocking up, i just love them.  if you've struggled with them before, just make sure that you burn them for two hours the first time; you have to burn a full top layer (so it's all liquid, no hard wax on the outside edges) and then it should be fine all the next times you use them.  anyway, i always under the impression that i only loved their fall/winter scents but i think they've really stepped up their summer scents game.  i recommend georgia peach, pineapple mango, watermelon lemonade, and fiji white sands.

2. martha stewart towels at macy's i was under the impression that my current towels were fine but my mom disagreed.  plus she said when you move into a new house, you get new stuff.  so she bought me all new towels because she's the best mommy ever.  we decided on the martha stewart ones at macy's and i love them.  they are so soft and wash really well.  i got the fuzzies out (which happens with all new towels, you know that.) in just one wash cycle and they were ready to use.  they're currently 40% off!  i got them in the ivory color, in case you're curious.  and in addition to whatever sale macy's is having on a given day, the martha stewart line is being discontinued and everything is on closeout, so i recommend checking out the rest of her line as well (like sheets and kitchen things.)

3. we close on our house tomorrow at noon!  i try to keep my 'three on thursdays' things you should do, try, or buy, and i realize this doesn't quite fit that, but i thought you'd like to know.  so i guess in keeping with the recommendations theme, i think you should follow me on snapchat (stephs1120) if you don't already, because i'll be showing the brand new house!  tomorrow evening will be cleaning and changing the locks, so you'll see the place totally empty, and saturday morning we'll start moving furniture in.  i'll definitely be doing blog posts about this, but in case you want an early view, snapchat is where it'll be!

happy thursday friends!
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