Celebrate Cucumber Day (Today!) with Hendrick's

did you know today is cucumber day?

i'm sure you're like 'stephanie, that's gin.'  yes it is.  which is the perfect conduit for cucumbers.  hendrick's gin is infused with cucumber (which is probably why i think other gin tastes like christmas trees, but not hendrick's) so they decided to fully embrace cucumber day. 

the photos are from an event hosted by hendrick's gin at thewit, a hotel here in chicago.  they took over the roof top bar and made us all sorts of cocktails to try, complete with demos so we could make them at home.

how classy is when served in little hendrick's tea cups?!  so classy, that's right.

here's a simple recipe you can make today to enjoy at home, called the cucumber basil smash:
Fruity, Herbal 
Skill Level: 
2 Parts Hendrick's Gin
1 Part Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Part Simple Syrup
1/2 Part Fresh Cucumber Juice
1 Basil Leaf
Add basil to base of cocktail shaker and muddle gently. Add remaining ingredients and shake hard over ice. Strain over an ice-filled rock glass. Garnish with a cucumber wheel.

there is so much more at cucumberday.com, including more recipes, so head over and check it out.  happy cucumber day!

*not a sponsored post.  they just invited me to the event they hosted and i thought it was fun to share!  free booze?  free friend.

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