Flight 001

since planning for the alaska cruise, i've been on a hunt for all things travel related.  i never like to buy one use items (you know, since i don't travel much) but i knew i at least wanted a decent quart size bag to tote my liquids in through security.  the zip lock bags of me college years are not cutting it.  so last week, ida and i checked out the new pop up store in thewit hotel called flight 001.

from their website: "FLIGHT 001 (pronounced: “flight one”) was originally conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 023, somewhere between New York and Paris. John Sencion and Brad John, two business travelers who had spent far too much time preparing for their trip, envisioned a travel store as streamlined as flight itself. Luckily for travelers of every kind, their mid-air epiphany resulted in a jet-setter’s dream: an all-inclusive, retro-modern retail experience that satisfies the frequent traveler’s every need."

i would say that description is perfectly accurate.  it's super streamlined travel needs in great packaging.  there's everything you could think of besides just luggage - umbrellas, pillows, pill boxes, passport covers, translation books, adapters, travel clocks, seat organizers and more.  and how adorable are the accessories?  those glitter zip pouches even have a wristlet strap inside so you could use it as a little purse.


personally i'm eyeing the 'wake me for champagne' mask, but i haven't pulled the trigger yet.

if you knew my friend ida, you would be zero percent surprised that she walked away with the multicolored glitter one that says 'so fly' on the front.

and i ended up walking away with this quart size clear bag for my liquids.  i also have the gym bag and one of those luggage tags you see up there coming with me to alaska.  you'll see them all in my packing posts!  i didn't get the one thing that i personally thought was the cutest:


cocktail kits!  but only because none of those three are my drink of choice.  if they had something for champagne or vodka, i'd be all over it.  they also have packing cubes and space paks, which i think are a must for travel.  i already had two from previous travels (you'll also see those in my packing posts) but if i need more, i'll definitely head back to flight 001 for another set.

if you're in the chicago area, the pop up store is open until july 31, definitely go check it out.  they do have a permanent chicago location which has so much more merchandise if you're on a serious luggage hunt.  or you can be like me and order everything online.  happy travels!

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