Goal Setting Tip of the Month: Productive (The App, That Is)

if you're willing to put down the candy crush or the angry birds or trivia crack or whatever your phone game of choice is, i have an app for you that will be a much more... productive use of your time.  (i see what you did there.)  yes, the app is called just that, productive, and i love it.

if you're a goal setter and a lover of proverbial gold stars, you will love this app.  it's a simple premise and therefore easy to get set up.  you enter the goals you want to meet.  generally, daily habit goals, like the one listed in the example below. 

from there, you enter in your details.  what time of day the task comes up (morning, afternoon, evening, a specific time if need be) and what time you'd like your reminder set at.  personally, i set the reminder for the tail end of the time frame for each block of the day.  i go through and mark things as i do them, and if i haven't done anything by, say, 7:15 a.m. (when i have to leave by 7:30) then the reminder goes off and i check the rest of the list.  it's kind of like when you set your alarm to remember your birth control pill, but much more detailed and fun.

fun?  yes, fun.  and not just because you can change those icons and change the colors.  if you struggle to get in a daily workout or take your vitamins, you'll love the weird little push of motivation this provides.  look at it, look at the streaks!  tell me those 100% and current streak stars don't make you want to check off your goal, every day.

i highly recommend it, fellow iphone users!

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