Monday, June 27, 2016

The First 20 Done Off My 101 in 1001 List

Since my second 101 in 1001 list started in December of 2015, I have had yet to mention it again on the blog, even though I have been working on it.  I just crossed off the first 20 goals so I thought this was as good a time as any to post the first update.  I'm pretty much on pace - if you do that math on 101 goals 1001 days, it's about 3 goals per month.  Which means I should be at 21 but close enough!  I'll be checking off red, white, and blue jello shots this weekend anyway.  If you want to see the full list again, check here.  For just the update, keep reading:

001. Pick which yearly party to host (April 2016) - We settled on 4th of July, because July 5th is John's birthday.  We'll also host Halloween since it's our favorite holiday, but that's more get drunk with friends, less family party.
010. Start a new Christmas tradition (December 2015) - We have a couple, but it's not Christmas season until I make homemade apple cider with whipped cream vodka (or caramel, whichever!) and we drink it while watching A Christmas Story.
012. Start a New Year's tradition (January 2016) - Watching Mark Giangreco (news anchor) getting progressively more drunk on live TV continues to be the highlight of my evening.  But we did instate a few other traditions too.

020. Do a dive bar crawl around my current apartment (March 2016) - We did this on St. Patrick's Day, right before I moved!

Food and Drinks
036.  Learn to make iced coffee I like (June 2016) - I spent so much time freaking out and thinking this would be hard because when other people say they do it, they cold press coffee grounds at home and all sorts of things.  Yeah... I just put ice in my cup and turn on the Keurig like normal.  Then add more ice, sometimes add milk.  Tastes just like Starbucks to me!  Maybe my palette is just not that refined, but whatever, it's working and it's cheap and easy.

037. Declutter everything before moving (April 2016) - I posted about it on Instagram, but I definitely went through every single item and got rid of a ton.  I ended up with only 2 boxes to move.
039.  Paint every room that needs it (May 2016) - The house was pretty well done before we even moved in!  I feel no need to paint anywhere, it's all colors I like.
040.  Get a new bed (May 2016) - Got a new frame at a furniture store going out of business sale.  We don't need a new mattress yet, but I have a plan for that when we do anyway, and it won't be very expensive.
042.  Get a 'J' door wreath or hanging initial (January 2016) - Betsy made me one for Christmas!
047.  Fence in the back yard (May 2016) - This was also done when we moved in, we just needed to add locks.  But it's all safe for Hawkeye now and that's what matters!

Shopping and Anti-Shopping
061. Get dog stairs for Hawkeye (December 2015) - John bought them for her for Christmas but she still rarely uses them.  Her joints are taking a beating, she needs to stop jumping off the bed.
069. Get a fall/winter purse (May 2016) - My mom bought me a Kate Spade one when she was at an outlet mall in Hilton Head.  It's perfect year round actually.
070. Find sunglasses I actually like (June 2016) - I ended up picking ones from Francesca's.  Who needs expensive sunglasses?  Not this girl.  Plus these are all one solid piece, no separate nose pads that get stuck in my hair when I put my glasses up on my head.  And they fold up super flat so they fit nicely in my purse.  I'm not sure these are the exact ones, but they're pretty darn close.
071. Buy a new vacuum (May 2016) - My mom gifted me a vacuum when we moved in.  It's a red velvet Miele and it's ridiculously fucking expensive, but it works so well and I love it.

Trying New Things
073. Renew my passport (June 2016) - Planning for the Alaska cruise got this one checked off quickly, since I needed it to be able to get off the boat when we stop in Canada
077. Completely use up or otherwise get rid of 20 lipsticks (January 2016) - I decluttered so many! I only used up 2, but I decluttered many more. I had at least 50 if not more, now it's down to 20 or less.  I'm definitely still working on this category of my makeup collection, but it's getting there.

088. Visit Wisconsin Dells (April 2016) - John's cousin got married there, that certainly made it easy.
089. Write 20 blog posts in 1 weekend - Done!  I had 'blog day' with Betsy this past weekend and I made it a last minute goal to get this checked off the list. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!  I didn't count this post either, this post made it 21.
094. Cull and organize my Pinterest boards (December 2015)

The List
097. Help Betsy complete one goal on her list (April 2016) - I brought her the ingredients to make a Disney cocktail for her birthday.  And I just helped her with one of her outfit goals. Check!

So far, I'm feeling good about what's been checked off.  I have a lot more in progress, including some that are very close to being completed.  I know I have a lot looming that are tougher and will take longer to complete, and I need to make a plan to start working on those.  But I love the 101 list, I feel like I get so much more accomplished when I have a goals list to work from.

What about you?  Do you have a 101 in 1001 list I need to check out?  I love seeing other people's goals, so leave your link!
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