The First Month

it's hard to imagine that we've been in our house for a month exactly now.  some days it feels like it's been home forever and some days it feels like we had to have just moved in because there's yet another project to do.

the closing process went relatively well, looking back.  it was stressful that day, but in the end we got the keys so all was well.  we also got a check that day from the lender and a check about 2 weeks later from our agent, redfin.  which is redfin's policy, by the way, cutting you a check, so if you're buying you should definitely use them.  they're free and awesome.  we closed on a friday and spend that night cleaning and then moved all of our things in on saturday.  well, all of my things.  they were chilling in my parents garage waiting to be moved and john's dad borrowed his truck from work and moved everything in one shot.  i, not so unintentionally, went to go get my hair done at 11:30 for about 2 and half hours so i returned when everything was in it's place.  like magic.  john moved his things on saturday and sunday, and since i'm a minimalist and john was at his parents, we were honestly done by sunday night.  perhaps 1 box was left to unpack on monday night but that was it.  super simple.

we moved my couch downstairs with his tv and tv stand plus my coffee table, his bed into the downstairs guest room, my bed into our room (with a new bed frame and dresser, which john had picked up and put together on saturday), one of my tvs and the stand into the front room, and a book case into the spare room with my other tv.  we have a lot of tvs.  and that was the end of the furniture.  with minimal boxes on my part and mostly just clothes on his part, i dare say it was the easiest move to date.  yippee.

then the spending spree started.  thank god we picked a house that didn't need work done.  we looked at a few originally, like we'd maybe fix them up but haha no.  glad we decided against that and picked a place where all we had to do was move in.  because we spent money on so much other stuff.  in addition to the bed frame and dresser i mentioned, we also got a dining table.  it was a furniture store going out of business sale so it was all heavily discounted, but still.  then john spent a pretty chunk on a 116 inch projector screen and projector and we're about to get speakers installed for it in like a week.  and then we had to buy a washer and dryer.  and of course i insisted on pretty new white front loaders on pedestals and they were worth every penny.  i love those things.  thankfully my parents gifted us all new towels and bedding (those things are stupid expensive) and a miele vacuum (do not even price check that) and his uncle bought us a gorgeous couch for the front room.  and his grandfather gave us a grill.  and his brother gave us an xbox one, but he knows it's just as much for him because it's his place too (he has a key and a room.)  thank goodness for family.  and friends because i've had tara, ida, and billy over and they've all brought booze because, of course.

but it wasn't just those big purchases.  that little shit really starts to add up!  in 1 month i've purchased (and you can be sure this isn't the full list): fridge organizers, laundry carts, drawer organizers, blackhawks bedding for john's brothers room, kitchenware, shoe organizers, tupperware, toilet brushes, a mop and broom, cleaning cloths, vinegar, i mean, there were amazon packages almost daily.  some necessary things, some fun things to make it feel like home.  i don't regret anything i bought, it's really all fantastic and coming together just how we want it.  but there's always more to do.

right now there's more big projects to do - security system, for one.  getting our holiday stuff from our parents houses and finding storage for that (eventually) and ripping out the basement carpet and putting flooring in (uh... next year.)  new pots and pans and knives are on the shopping list, which suddenly made me realize exactly why people get married.

all in all, living together has been great.  we're on the same page about schedules, money, home decor, all that fun stuff so no arguments.  we love the actual house and if you don't count mowing the lawn (which i totally don't because i don't do it and never will), the place is a snap to clean even though it seems large (to me.  you'll see the full size soon.)  hawkeye is obsessed with having john there every single day, it's like like constant christmas morning she's so happy.  plus he eats meat every day and shares with her.  loves the yard and her water bed is safely moved in as well, don't worry.  we're past the stage of having something to set up or organize every single day so it's nice to relax, but the big projects are always at the back of my mind.  that's home ownership i guess - you'll never be fully done.

i plan on getting a home tour up very soon.  i definitely want to ask your opinion on how to set up some areas, plus it's fun to be nosy and see someone else's space.  so stay tuned!

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