Thursday, June 23, 2016

Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  

1. matt's cookies.  these damn things.  you have never had a softer, more lovely chocolate chip cookie in your life.  they are so good and addicting.  they're made here outside of chicago so I don't know how far they reach into stores across the country, but you can order them off the website if they aren't in your local grocery store.  they are worth every extra sit up you have to do, i tell you.  magic cookies.  have you had them?

2. phone case with card holder.  john got this for me for christmas (after i put it on my amazon wish list, of course) and i always forget to mention how much i love it.  when i go out, particularly to bars and street fests, i don't like to bring a purse.  because i lose it.  almost always.  so i put my id in this phone case and either money or a credit card.  it holds two cards or 1 card and cash, which i find is all that i need when i go out.  (amazon does sell larger options, if you feel like you need to carry more than that, just search 'iphone case credit card holder.') i attach a house key to my bra and stick a fresh sugar lip balm in my pocket.  and that's it.  what else do you need though, really?

3. homegoods stylescope quiz.  i think i linked this on the blog before, but it's been awhile.  it has 36 images and you pick the 5 that 'speak to you' and it gives you your home decorating style.  a main one and a supplemental one.  i'm 'new country' and a touch 'classic.'  so much fun.  go take it, tell me which ones you are!  and if you decorate that way.

happy thursday!
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