Tuesday, July 5, 2016

29 Things About John For His 29th Birthday

Mostly here on this blog, we talk about me.  Which is fine - I'm an only child; 'me' is my favorite topic of conversation.  But today isn't about me, for once.  I figured I mention John but you probably don't know much about him, so I'm bringing you 29 facts to get to know him better.

1. His name is John Michael.  It's not short for Jonathan.

2. Today is his birthday, July 5.  He's a Cancer.  (And boy, is he.)

3. He was born in Chicago, and has lived here all his life.  He went to college in Naperville, which is less than an hour from Chicago.

4. He has two tattoos, one on each shoulder, and wants more.  He currently has his family crest and Blackhawks feathers.

5. He's as bad at flying and travel as I am.  We'd both rather stay home.

6. But if we did travel, his favorite is going to the beach and relaxing while on vacation.  He doesn't like doing all sorts of activities or tourist things.

7. His favorite color is black. 

8. The heavy metal station is always on in his truck.  Except when I change it to country.

9. He can only fall asleep when he's laying on his right side.

10. His favorite TV show of all time is The Shield and his favorite movie is Roadhouse.
11. He is not a minimalist, but he does let me fold all his shirts the KonMari way.

12. He's a big meat-eater.  So if you ask what he wants for his birthday dinner, it'll always be steak.

13. He's not big on sweets, but if it's chocolate peanut butter (Reese's, or the fudge I make), or cookie dough ice cream, he will definitely eat it.

14. He won't eat cheese, except on pizza.

15. He's allergic to cats.  But he'd adopt 10,000 dogs if we could.  Probably all pugs.

16. He went to college for finance, but all his jobs have been physical (including his new dream job he starts very soon!)

17. He's 6'3".

18. He's obsessed with the Chicago Blackhawks.  He tolerates the Bears but is really a Patriots fan.

19. He always played football, I went to his games in high school. Now he coaches.

20. His best friend is his brother, Eric.

21. He shovels at his grandparents house every time it snows.  Without anyone asking.

22. He has 9 cousins (not including spouses) just on his mom's side, but he'll always tell you his 'favorite cousin' is actually his cousin Carolyn's husband, Sal.

23. He has a Facebook he rarely checks but otherwise no social media, and only goes online to read about sports.  And to figure out where we've seen an actor before when it's driving us crazy.

24. His favorite holiday is Halloween and he loves the classic Halloween movies like Friday the 13th.

25. He only (willingly) drinks Bud Light.  Craft beer gives him headaches.

26. He lets me win almost every game we ever play, because he knows I hate losing.

27. He's never pushy.  He'll always let me, Eric, or the rest of his family decide what to do, even if he's tired or hates what we're doing.  He puts everyone else first.

28. Him and Hawkeye love each other more than they love me.  It's cool though.

29. He doesn't read my blog (see #23) but I love him very much and wish him a happy birthday here anyway!
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