Monday, July 18, 2016

Alaskan Cruise In a Carry On - Toiletries and 1 Quart Bag

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Is anyone else as intrigued as I am by what other people bring in their toiletry bags and luggage when going on vacation?  No, just me?  Well in case you like to creep as much as I do, I decided to do a couple of posts on what I'm bringing on my 9 day cruise to Alaska.  I am only bringing a carry on rolling suitcase and a tote size purse, making it subject to the size and weight restrictions as well as the 1 quart bag for liquids rule.

For this post, I wanted to start with my toiletry bag and my makeup (including the quart size bag) because I find that the most interesting.  I tried to link as many things as possible!  Not that you don't know how to google or where to buy makeup, but I figured for the sake of saving you time if you really want to find something.

Almost all of my toiletries and makeup are going into the pink caddy.  It's from Victoria's Secret and it's many years old, but Target and Ulta sell tons of bags like this.  I like it because it hangs, which is great for space saving in a small cabin on a cruise ship.  It keeps everything organized too, so I'm not scrambling to pack my stuff up!  The tiny zip pocket has unimportant little things - hair ties, a tweezers, nail clippers, medication, junk like that.

The first pocket is where I tried to keep most of my toiletries, as opposed to the second pocket where my makeup is.

The first pocket contains:
- Honey House Naturals Bee Body Bar (a small one in Lavender)

The second pocket contains:

Then of course, all liquids (and creams and gels) have to be in one container, less than 3.4 ounces, and they all have to fit inside a single quart size bag.  The bag itself is the Flight 001 TSA approved clear quart bag.  Sure, I could use a quart size zip lock bag, but I really preferred this one because it's sturdier and actually has formed sides and a flat bottom, so I can sit everything nicely.  

Inside my quart size bag: 
- NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (I swear this is the only one that works for me)
- Urban Decay Mini Eye Primer (I could use concealer or my Tarte face primer for this purpose, but I had this mini and it's cute and fits so it's coming)
- Contact Solution (and the case so I can take my contacts out easily on the plane)

And that's it! The rest of the space in the liquids bag is reserved for mini bottles of booze because I freaking hate flying and I must get drunk immediately upon passing security and do you know how overpriced airport alcohol is?  Bars are already a 1000% markup, airport bars must be like 2000% and I cannot have that.

The pink caddy will go into the bottom pocket on the front of the carry on suitcase.  (It's a pink Atlantic carry on size, though it's also many years old so they don't make this exact model any more.)  The quart size bag will go into my purse, so it's easy to pull out for security and, again, so I can take my contacts out easily.

What about you?  Do you take more or less than me?  Any of the same products?  Stayed tuned for part 2, which is clothes and shoes in the carry on suitcase, plus what's in my (tote size) purse.
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