Thursday, July 14, 2016

An Overly Detailed Bathroom Tour

I absolutely love YouTube video and blog posts on what products people use and what they keep in their bathroom.  I don't think that's weird at all.  Or maybe it's just me and I'm strange?  Well in the event that it's not just me, I decided to share a closer look at what's in my bathroom, including my shower, drawers, and under the sink, plus how I organize it all.

The rack itself is from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Rack 1:
Venus Razor.  This was a freebie so I'm trying it out but I normally use the one I mentioned here.  I still think I like those better too, expensive does not always equal performance!
Angels on Bare Skin Face Cleanser.
Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub

Rack 2:
Comb.  If you have tangles, put your conditioner in and brush it through while in the shower. Lifesaver.
Moroccan Oil Hair Mask.  I use this most times instead of conditioner.  At most, I'll wash my hair twice a week.  I'll use a regular conditioner if I end up washing my hair more often or the shampoos are closer together, but usually I can get away with shampoo and a mask because my hair is long and thick.  And it's not oily.  My mom got me this one at her salon but usually I use a Shea Moisture one.
One set of shampoo and conditioner.

Rack 3:
Shower Puff.
Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash.  Both sets of shampoo and conditioner are Aveda ones my mother picked up for me at her salon.  As someone who washes her hair daily, she doesn't understand just how little product I go through only washing my hair twice a week.  The extras accumulate!  She also always makes me Christmas and Easter baskets that she calls 'Mom's Favorite Things' like she's the next Oprah but it's all things that you genuinely need but it's zero fun to spend your own money on - like toiletries, vitamins, quinoa.  She's so much fun, my mom.  That's where most of my bathroom stash comes from, including the body wash and the back ups you'll soon see under my sink.  So I'm slowly working my way through these and they work just fine.  Plus, free!  I'm not sure I'll ever need to buy my own shampoo, conditioner, or body wash because she's always getting it for me.

I bought this set of drawer organizers on Amazon, because I didn't want to measure and it came with a lot of pieces.  Some of the set are in John's drawers in his bathroom.

Drawer 1:

Toothbrush and toothpaste (the other toothbrushes belong to John's brother Eric and his girlfriend Beth, for when they stay.  You'll remember from the house tour that his room is next to my bathroom.)
Activated Charcoal.  For teeth whitening.  Ask Kathy, it's legit.  Those are the capsules, but for sure the powder is easier.
Various hair ties and clips.
Tweezers and nail clippers.

Drawer 2:
Coconut Oil.  This is how I remove my makeup.
Cloth Wipes.  Got these on Etsy, I get them a little wet and wipe my makeup off with them after using the coconut oil.
Argon Oil.  I use this for hair de-tangling.  It can also be a heat protectant if you don't use crazy high heat (which I don't.)
Lotion Bar.  This one is vanilla scented.
Eye Cream.
Face Lotion. Trying to use this up, as it's not cruelty free. Does help with my redness though.
MeLuna Cup.

Drawer 3:  
Hair Dryer.  It definitely takes me way less time with this hair dryer, so the 'speed freak' title is accurate.
Hair Brush.

Under Sink

The trash can is older, pretty sure I picked it up at Bed Bath and Beyond years ago.  I'm zero waste in my bathroom so it's only in here for guests.

Behind the white caddies are extras of products - mouth wash, more shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper, body wash, and cotton pads I use to remove nail polish.

The white mesh caddies are from Container Store (I can only find silver online - they have white in store though.)  The top one holds mouth wash, nail polish solution, lotion and a backup contact solution (the one I use daily I keep upstairs, in my makeup caddy to be shown in another post!)

The bottom caddy just holds my T3 Curling Iron and my straightener.

And that's it, that's my minimalist bathroom.  At least, I think it's minimalist, I try not to hoard a lot of extras or use a ton of different products I don't need.  Like anything hair related, I don't use product in my hair besides the argon oil.

Sorry the lighting is rough, bathroom and all.  So how does it compare to yours?  More or less products and tools?
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