Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Update To 'My Epically Decluttered Wardrobe'

Back in October of 2014, so almost 2 years ago, I wrote my first post on decluttering my wardrobe.  As you can see in that post, I kept 198 items after getting rid of 66 things.  Which I thought was pretty bad ass, since that number included shoes, jewelry, winter hats, everything.  I mean, think about your space - if you have 20 necklaces, 15 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of jeans, 20 pieces of underwear, you can see how quickly it might add up!  

To me, 198 was a damn good number; I had purged a lot.  And now my closet looks like this:

Except, most of that is John's!  Top right drawer of the dresser is mine, the clothes hanging to the left, shoes below, one black bin on the shelving and the single pair of jeans next to it, and the plastic box and purses above the hanging clothes.  The rest is all John's.

When I looked back at that original wardrobe post, it occurred to me that I had gotten rid of some more things since then.  I had to have, since I knew I didn't even have any belts any more and that I definitely only have 2 pairs of jeans, not 9.  It's been 2 years so of course stuff was bound to leave my closet, but I was also pretty sure I hadn't replaced much when it did.  I decided to use that post as a jumping off point and tally up what percentage of things I've gotten rid of since then, and add up exactly what I'm left with.

Ready for that number?  The full number of clothes and accessories in my closet?  100. 

Here's what that looks like broken down, using the same list from before:

The Clothes
1 suit. No change
13 tops.  Down from 27
2 sweaters.  Down from 5
3 cardigans.  Down from 5
3 tank tops.  No change
1 t-shirt. Down from 3
3 work pants.  No change
2 jeans.  Down from 9
5 dresses.  Down from 11
1 skirt.  Down from 5.  I accepted that I hate skirts like I hate shorts (which I still have 0 of.)
2 sweatshirts.  Up from 1; I found an old one I loved in my stuff in my parents attic and kept it.
4 coats/jackets.  Down 1

The Little Things
14 underwear.  Down from 23
4 bras. Down from 10
8 socks.  Down from 10
0 tights.  Down from 2
3 lingerie.  Down from 5
3 pj/yoga/workout bottoms.  Down from 6
3 pj/yoga/workout tops.  Down from 7
1 swim suit.  Down from 2
1 robe.  No change

8 shoes.  Down from 15
5 purses.  Down from 10
0 belts.  Down from 3
3 winter wear.  Down from 6
6 jewelry.  Down from 15
1 sunglasses.  Down from 3

Which makes 100!  (At least I think it does. I used a calculator multiple times and it came to 100 the majority of times.  Math. Ugh.)  And it's looking pretty nice.

The number surprised even myself.  Not sure how I once thought that 198 things was a great job, just goes to show how much I had to begin with.  I know this small wardrobe isn't for everyone, but it's perfect for me.  I've cut the 'what to wear' decision fatigue out of my days completely and I find that I really like and wear all of my clothes.

So what do you think?!  How many things do you think are in your wardrobe?

P.S. As far as actual clothing or close ups of jewelry and such, I'll put that on Instagram soon.  Follow me there if you're interested.

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