Goal Setting Tip of the Month: Try 'Tiny Habits'

This month's goal setting tip is all about embracing the idea of creating tiny habits.  A Tiny Habit is something you do once a day that takes less than 30 seconds and requires little effort.  It's important to anchor the desired behavior to a "trigger."  For example, remembering your vitamins.  Your tiny habit might be "After I pour my coffee, I will open my vitamin container."  The natural progression is that you'll then take the vitamins, but it's all about that first tiny step, anchored to something specific that you do every day (pour coffee.)


Learn all about tiny habits from this TedTalk:

It's not just 'baby steps.'  Baby steps is like saying you'll sign up for a 5k versus a marathon, or even just walk daily before signing up for a 5k.  Tiny habits is what will get you to put on your running shoes in the first place.  Because once you get those shoes on, the rest falls into place.

It's an especially useful system for the goals or habits you want to set that you keep putting off!  What do you think?  Worth a try?

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