10 Things That Feel Like Home

As you're reading this, I am on my Alaskan cruise!  Today, we're in Juneau, which I hope means I get some cell service for picture posting.  Regardless, I didn't want to leave you this week without any posts.  Even though a small room on a cruise ship will never really be 'home' for a week, I recognize that there are ways I could make it feel like home.  I couldn't get every one of these into my carry on suitcase, but in general, when I'm away or even when I'm home but feeling sad, these are the top 10 things that are my greatest comforts.

(People and pets make a house a home, that's for sure.  If we were including those, my biggest comforts would be Hawkeye and John.  And my parents.  But short of that.)

1. Snowy Bear.  In case you haven't yet read that post from my archives.  I have never been without Snowy.  As of the writing of this post, I'm not sure if Snowy is coming on the cruise. He has never been to Alaska so I think he has to come, but I am doing just a carry on so he has to fit.  Comfortably.  Never squish the bear.

2. Lilac Trees.  There's one in the backyard of my parents' house and I used to go out there and pull bunches off to put in a cup in the kitchen every spring.  Now the smell of lilac reminds me of that, and it's one of my favorite scents.  I do enjoy lilac candles, but to bring back the memories it definitely has to be the true, fresh scent of blooming lilac trees or bushes.

3. Mrs. Grass Soup.

4. and Oyster Crackers.

5. Waffles and Ice Cream.  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup.  Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches.  Popcorn for Dinner.  Whenever my dad worked late or went out on a Friday, mom made us one of these options for dinner.  Best mommy ever.

6. Gilmore Girls.  I was in high school when this originally came out and I watched it with my mom.  I loved Rory because I went to a Catholic school with uniforms too.  I don't actually care for Rory much any more, re-watching the series, but I still love the show and it reminds me of high school.

7. The movie Dumbo.  What was I thinking watching this on repeat, it's so freaking sad.  But I did, watch it all the time, and I would call my mom to come hold me every time the Baby Mine song came on.

8. Christian Brothers Brandy.  Not to drink, never to drink (icky.)  But because my dad drank this for so many years that, even though he doesn't any more, I will always associate this with him.  Even the smell.

9. Treasure Island and Tom and Huck.  I doubt these VHS tapes even still work, not just because they're so old but because I watched the crap out of them.  Treasure Island was a movie they used to show on one of the channels (on repeat, 24 hours a day) in the Steve Wynn hotels in Vegas, which at the time were the Mirage, Treasure Island, and one other.  We always stayed at the Mirage so I watched this movie 1,000 times there.  And then I found it for sale in the Treasure Island hotel gift shop and proceeded to bring it home and watch it 2,000 more times.  You can now enjoy all 47 glorious minutes of it hereTom and Huck you're probably more familiar with, at least if you're my age.  Because JTT.  I loved this one equally as much, though I can't figure out why because I actually wasn't a big JTT fan.  But for some reason I just thought it was the best and watched it so many times that it now feels like it was a staple of my childhood.

10. The Song 'Love Shack.'  Because my mom loves this song and we used to dance around to it in our den when I was like, 5.  (Good guess on the age on my part since I just googled in and it did indeed come out when I was 5.)

What 'things' feel like home to you?

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