On Blogging and Life

The amount of times I post in a month always ebbs and flows, and right now we're definitely in 'ebbs' mode.  A lot of bloggers feel that way during summer and I'm thinking I'll move over the slump as we head into fall too, but mostly because I'm a winter person.  If you look at my archives since I've been blogging regularly (2013), I always post heavier in fall and winter and then it trickles through spring and summer.  You'd think it was because I was outside doing more things and away from the computer but no, it's just that I hate spring and summer and have no motivation to do anything, let alone post.  I loathe being hot, it's the worst feeling.  I thrive in winter so it makes sense that I post more often then.  And I tolerate fall because it has Halloween, my favorite holiday, and it gets me to winter.  Hashtag I need to move to Alaska but John and Hawkeye don't want to join me.  Also I feel like I'm less busy at work during the holiday season, because people don't get divorced during the holidays.  Leaves me more time to blog.

But I've also been thinking about even more ways to minimalize and simplify everything in my life, not just my wardrobe or my home decor.  Online life is definitely one of those things, though I don't think I'm at the point of giving up blogging altogether, because I still like it most days.  So in terms of blogging, so far, 'minimize' has only meant posting less and being on social media less.  I ending up deleting Snapchat, because, well, I just don't like social media, I truly mean that, and it was just one more thing on my plate.  I already don't have a Facebook and I don't use Pinterest as a 'blog tool' really.  So I'm down to Twitter and Instagram and I barely even touch those.  But I think I'll probably keep them both, as they're relatively easy.

September 1 seems to mark the start of a new season, though we're a solid 3 weeks away from it actually being fall.  Looking at you, pumpkin spice latte and Halloween candy in stores.  So even though it isn't fall, it usually feels like something shifts after Labor Day and I get around to posting more.  Not saying that it'll definitely happen this time around, because life, but it's my general plan.

Here are some things I do want to post about, and have actually started writing.  Some are even almost done:

1) Alaskan cruise. I don't know why it's taking me so long, now that I finally pulled the photos off my camera for it.  Actually this will probably be up on Tuesday.  Hooray for the long weekend and only 1 thing on my calendar for it.

2) House to home tour.  I want to make a video of it.  You already saw the picture tour and I want to do a video now that we've added a few details.  Plus in a video I'll be able to open the cabinets and closets and show you how things are organized, which people always like to see.

3) John's new job.  Just answering a lot of the questions that came up about his new job as a Chicago firefighter and what all it entails right now, and in the future.

4) My daily routine.  There's a lot going on with John's job that keeps him busy and tired so pretty much everything else falls to me.  I realized that I work 9 hours in an office and commute about 1.5 hours each day.  I always get 8 hours of sleep because I'm reeeeeally crabby if I don't.  In those other 5.5 hours of the day, I keep the house clean enough that someone could stop by at any time unannounced (and I deep clean on weekends), I do all the laundry - including ironing John's 2 uniforms every single night because something about fucking creases on the tops of sleeves and down the front of the pants needing to be perfect even though they do pt in those uniforms - and the dishes, I cook all breakfasts and lunches for both of us and make dinner at least 4 nights a week, usually 5 (the other two we like going out or getting pizza), walk Hawkeye twice a day and feed her too, and of course shower and do my hair and makeup.  Oh and watch an episode of something on Netflix, currently House.  I think that's a pretty long list to be able to accomplish in a short amount of time and not be stressed about it, no?  So I want to do a post about some or all of those things, if anyone's interested.  We'll see.

5) Goals and Challenges. As always, because I always seem to have those going on and even more so in the fall and winter.  It's fun.

6) 2017 Planner.  Or... lack of a planner?  GASP.  I'm just not sure!

And that's about all I can think of for now.  My current thoughts on things.  Enjoy your long weekend, friends.  See you next week.

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