5 Things I Do Well

Two weeks ago I posted about the things that I'm not so great at, because this is real life and you can't be good at everything.  But I also think you should embrace and celebrate the things you are great at - give yourself a break once in awhile!  Since I'm normally my own harshest critic, I decided to flip the switch and tell you some things I think I do really well.  Besides decluttering and organizing, of course.

Giving Compliments.  I work on the 36th floor and not a single elevator ride goes by without me complimenting the other person in the elevator with me (unless I'm in the elevator alone, of course.)  It's habit at this point, and a good one I think.  I tell women I like something about their outfit, about their hair, their nails, pretty much anything.  I also do this any time I think it.  I have no filter about a lot of things, but this one is a plus.  If I think someone has a great purse or their perfume smells nice, I tell them.  Once Tara and I were walking to the liquor store in our sweats and we passed a girl coming out of her house to her cab, all dolled up, heels and everything.  She looked so nice and I told her so.  I hope that gave her confidence for her date or wherever she was heading.  Regardless, I can always tell by the look on people's face that they appreciate it and it takes me no effort at all.  Try it some time.

Details.  When it comes to anything, really, I'm a details person versus big picture person.  I think if you're going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time.  So when I clean, I'll get floss or a toothbrush out to get the edges of the bathroom sink faucet.  When I host a party, everything from the kitchen towels to the food to the silverware matches the theme.  When I pack for vacation, I write out an itinerary and exactly what I plan on wearing every minute of the day so I don't over-pack.  I enjoy getting the details right, and I'm good at it.

Applying False Eyelashes.  To myself and to other people, I am great at applying falsies.  I mean, if they're halfsies, I could get them on in a minute, and that includes 30 seconds of glue drying time.  Full length falsies I can do in probably 2 minutes.  It's a skill, I like to think.

Inbox Zero.  I loathe e-mails.  I use unroll.me (which is free) to get subscriptions under control and then I make sure that my blog, personal, and work e-mail accounts are at 0 before I leave the office at 5.  (Then I don't check e-mail again until the morning.  Another thing I do extremely well - unplugging.  I honestly don't know why I waste money on a smart phone.)

Responding to Blog Comments.  I make note that I probably won't respond to comments on posts that go up while I'm on vacation, but since I rarely take vacation, I respond to 99% of comments people leave.  If you took the time to read my posts and leave a comment, the very least I can do is acknowledge that in some way.  Unless you're getting hundreds of comments on your post, I don't know an acceptable reason not to respond.  Sometimes I won't even hit publish because I know I won't have time to respond to comments at that point, so I hold the post for when I have more time, it's that important to me.  Except for the one last week, because I can't quite bring myself to respond to those yet, but I did read and appreciate them all.

So toot your own horn and tell me - what do you do well?

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