Rebounding From a Rough Weekend

Posting is tough this week.  I generally keep the content light and fluffy around here and the more serious and sad things stay offline.  But it's been hard to get the two posts published that I have scheduled (my capsule wardrobe and our house to home tour video) because it's just not a happy time right now.

John's grandma passed away on Friday afternoon, so it was all around a very long, sad weekend.  She was a very loved woman, hundreds of people came to the wake and the church was full for Monday's funeral.  To be honest, I'm not good at being sad.  I'm a generally pretty unemotional person - not much of a crier, but I don't get overly excited either.  Just very even keel.  But I'm sad about grandma.  I liked her a lot, she was hilarious and kind.  And I'm really sad for John, because out of 14 grand kids, it's no secret among anyone that John had the best relationship with her.  He's trying to be strong because grandma was 89 and in pain, so she's in a better place, but if he cries, I cry.  It very much makes me not want to work on the blog.  Or be online at all, to be honest.

Here's hoping next week is better.  Maybe I'll even get my capsule wardrobe post up by Friday!  #dreams

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