Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three on Thursday

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Hey look at that, a three on Thursday.  On an actual Thursday.  Certainly been awhile since I managed that one.  In case you don't have any idea what this is, or forgot, I don't blame you and you can read past posts here, but it's just a quick listing of my top 3 loves at the moment.  Top 3 anything, really, from candles, to beer, to tv shows, to a new app you have to try.  There are no rules, though I usually do tie them into the season.  Speaking of which - I may not always have my shit together, guys, but the one thing I can always manage to do is get the Halloween decor up on October 1.  Halloween is my favorite holiday; I think I'd start putting decor up in August if the neighbors wouldn't complain.  But I certainly never fail to get it up on October 1.  It's not all done because I do want to decorate the inside more for our Halloween party, but the outside is looking fantastic.  I've started posting photos on Instagram and I think I'll end up doing a video tour when it's all finished inside too.  Apparently my minimalism does not apply to Halloween decor.

1. Target Throw Blankets.  I keep blankets on my couch year round, let's be honest, but fall always reminds me to pull out seasonally appropriate throws.  Since we have a new couch in our living room upstairs and no blankets to go on it, I knew wanted something that would be cozy and in a fabric and pattern that would work well with fall and potentially into Christmas (because my minimalism certainly does apply to the idea of having a blanket for every month, that's crazy talk.)  I went straight to Target with the intention of getting the same one that I have in grey in the basement, because it's massive and so soft and warm, but then the plaid print one caught my eye and I'm obsessed with it.  Insert a hashtag about being basic here, or whatever.  But I don't care, it's perfect, and for only $30 I definitely felt the need to share it, thus the basis of me getting my act together for a 3 on Thursday post.  It's super soft and warm without being too heavy (I was weirdly concerned about a blanket looking too 'chunky' because the couch has a slimline feel to it - I think I'm going crazy), not itchy, it looks fantastic against the grey couch and against the dark wood, I washed it when Hawkeye ate her moist food dinner on it and it held up great, it's just a lot of good things.  Plus Target throws are apparently on sale until the end of today, I found out when I went looking for the link - an extra 10% off with the code HOMESALE.  There's winning all around happening here.

2. Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale.  It tastes like fall, there's really nothing else I can tell you.  It's glorious.  It's not overpowering on any of the flavors, so you don't feel like you're just drinking horchata - you can tell you're drinking beer.  It just has lovely hints of cinnamon and the sweet caramel-ness of horchata.  Without the burn of drinking Rumchata, because I'm strictly a beer girl.  If you've never had horchata, this will remind you of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  It's pretty light and not really sweet so I could easily do 2 or 3, but probably not an entire 6 pack in a row.  So if you're decorating for Halloween soon or handing out candy to trick or treaters, this would be a fun drink to pair with that.

3. This post from Kari.  If you're a Halloween junkie like we are, you need this - she made calendars, which she's continually updating, that list when every single Halloween related movie will be on television.  From family friendly to truly spooky, she has everything.  If you just think about how much time that would take someone, there's no way you can't appreciate what she did.  Kari, we are forever in your debt.

I hope you're in the fall spirit as much as I am or it's about to be a long 3 months for you.  Happy Thursday!
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