A Simple Winter 'Toolkit'

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Winter is particularly rough in this house, and particularly this year.  As you know, John is training at the fire academy and the physical training they put them through is both intense and not optional.  He has come home aching every day but needs to just push through the week, every week.  On top of that, a lot of what they do is outdoors!  Even in the cold.  We know he's overextending himself but there is no other option but to get through the pain.  And the sniffles.

Although I keep a medicine and first aid kit in the linen closet year round, for this season I also have some specialty winter toolkits stocked and ready to take care of the winter illnesses that come up.  One is in the glove box in his truck, though he routinely brings it in for restocking, and one stays in the linen cabinet in his bathroom.

I thought I would share what I keep in the kit, so you could make one for the hardworking guy or gal in your life too.  I promise they will love it and appreciate the thought you put into it!

Toolkit Must Haves

Extra Strength TYLENOL®.  The TYLENOL® is the single most necessary item in the kit.  I pick ours up at Target, since it's 2 blocks from my work (dangerous, so dangerous!), it's right in the pain relief section of the pharmacy and healthcare department.

TYLENOL® 8 HR Muscle Aches and Pain.  I like to have both options on hand, the extra strength and the 8 hour one.  John likes the 8 hour one to help with muscle pain and push through work days, and turns to the extra strength one when it's really rough, like the time he had to crawl 20 feet while dragging a 280 pound man.  Yeah, that happened.  (For adults and children 12 and over, use only as directed, of course.)

Hand Sanitizer.  I grab the Target brand one because it has aloe in it, which is soothing.  You can find it in their travel section.

Lip Balm.  Unlike my picky self, John has no preference when it comes to lip balm.  He doesn't use it often, but in the winter months when he spends too much time outside and gets sniffly, he becomes a mouth breather and needs the lip balm.  I recommend something a little thicker that glides on, as opposed to a chap stick, because it can be used to soothe a dry, red nose as well.

Tissues.  Useful in so many ways.  Also Target brand, also in the travel section.

Nail Clippers.  I had to include nail clippers.  This is a nod to my good pal, Steph, who has an ongoing saga with her lovely husband and his inability to keep a pair of nail clippers in a place he'll remember - even after he got one for his key-chain!  At least this way, there SHOULD be one in the car and in the medicine cabinet in the house... should be.  Because you know what John does when he has a cuticle tearing off or a rough nail edge and can't find nail clippers?  Pulls out his pocket knife.  Is that a guy thing?

Hand Cream.  Although the aloe in the Target brand hand sanitizer is soothing, there's nothing like good old fashioned hand cream when your skin is practically flaking off in the cold.

The kit inside the house has more things in case of more serious illness or injury, but the winter toolkit for his car is much more streamlined so it doesn't get lost or overwhelming.  Just the necessities to get him through!

Do you have a winter toolkit prepped to get you through this winter?  Even if you don't work outdoors in a very physical job, you never know when someone might get a cold or throw their back out hanging holiday lights!  Head to Target for all your needs, and don't forget the TYLENOL® !

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