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Back to Thursday, back to business as usual.  Let me be clear, this blog is business as usual.  Life is most certainly not.  But I don't talk politics on this blog, I did vote (I'm super embarrassed for anyone who proudly 'doesn't vote'), I didn't vote for Trump or Clinton, and so many other bloggers have posted many thoughts on the topic, eloquently enough that I don't feel the need to personally add to that narrative.  And although I do post about the times I get nervous in real life and emotional meltdowns over my hair, the serious(ish) posts are few and far between and instead you come to this blog for lightheartedness, simplicity, and a tiny bit of organization in a chaotic world (at least I hope you do), and that's what we're doing today.

So welcome back to a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you've missed any prior weeks and want to catch up, just check here.  

1. Argan oil as facial moisturizer.  What an easy fix to my rosacea and problematic skin!  I tried a ton of different moisturizers for my dry skin and red cheeks.  I don't have the bumps from rosacea, just the redness, but it's super dry and a lot of products would irritate it and sting, even those for sensitive skin that cost way too much money.  The best moisturizers were from Lush, but those cost a pretty penny.  Then I followed a Pinterest suggestion and tried argan oil and I'm never going back.  It's cheap in it's own right but becomes cheaper when you realize how little you use at a time, it's chemical free and cruelty free, it sinks in quickly with no greasy feeling so you can put on makeup right away, it's good for the eye area so you don't need separate eye creams, I can use it on my hair and nails too, the list goes on and on.  Cut down on your skin care collection and switch to whichever oil your skin type needs.  P.S. updated holy grail products post coming as soon as I remember to take pictures of my makeup.

2. This recipe for barbecue ribs in the crockpotI don't eat ribs, I think that goes without saying.  But I make these for John and he said it's hands down the best barbecue sauce he's ever had (though we do live in Chicago and he loves Sweet Baby Ray's, so Texas people may have more defined palettes then him when it comes to barbecue.)  It's actually pretty darn easy too, since it's mostly crockpot cooking.  It's certainly more steps than a typical, quick, weeknight dinner, but it's a great option for Saturdays or for when you have guests.  Just follow the rules and flip them or move em around halfway through the cook time - they DO stick and burn if you don't.

3. (For bloggers) BoardBooster The results are real, seriously.  I was reluctant too because why pay someone else to do what I can do myself but if you want to grow your blog (and some people don't!  That's great too.) and realize Pinterest is a good way to do that, start scheduling your pins with BoardBooster.  There's a couple of companies out there that offer this service and pricing is the same or a tad higher, but with BoardBooster they have the 'looping' option which has been helpful - it takes your oldest pins and re-pins them, and then deletes the old one.  In addition to the scheduling, which just helps you pin more without additional effort on your part.  More followers, more interaction, more eyes on my pins and blog, I can already tell and I've only used it like a month.  There's a free trial, so just try it, you'll see.  I can direct you to good tutorials too if you sign up and get confused, but it's pretty straightforward.

Happy Thursday, friends.

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