What's Your Favorite High School Memory?

hello not entirely perfect readers! i'm lauren!  i blog at lot 48 where i write mostly about tv and movies or any random topics that i think of that i find amusing.  i plan to be a tv writer and hasve opinions about every tv show out there, but i try to keep sharing that to a minimum.  i like to give guidance on the best and worst tv shows this fall and share stories from LA of how i accidentally "stole" a producer's credit card.

but today i am going to tell you a story that i swore i would never tell.  i literally had to take a vow that i would never tell.  but its such a good story i just have to share.  and it has been a long time since that vow so its okay to share it now, right?

i spent my young adult life as a performer.  in high school, i was in each show until i graduated and  then continued to perform well into college.  it is still a passion i have and something i still do when i have time.  i am performing at the dickens festival in december which is like our Christmas festival here in salt lake city!  i will sing a full half hour set and i haven't done that in about 8 years so i am pretty rusty!  but excited. 

in high school, there was a tradition that was very sacred and was held with the highest honor.  or more like obligation.  the picture above shows me (i circled my face) in little women. this show was done during my senior year, the last show of my high school career.  this very special tradition was to be done after the final show.  all female cast and crew members were to go up to the roof  of the school and strip down to our underwear and bras and run around the roof screaming.  

it was so much fun. we had to get a special key, which i don't really know how we got, and since it was february, it was cold.  some girls were self conscious and left their shirts on but i went all in.  i stripped down to my underwear and bra and ran across the roof screaming joyfully.  i remember how tiny all the little cars looked, even though our high school was only about four stories.  i remember how the gravel of the roof felt on my feet and how it hurt.  i remember thinking this was my favorite moment in all of high school and i would be bonded with these girls forever.  i remember wondering if anyone on the street could see us.  some girls really wanted to be seen so they went to the edge and started dancing and yelling "woo hoo!" we were up there for about 20 minutes until it got too cold and we went back inside.

we returned to our dressing rooms afterwards and all the guys knew what we just did and were looking at us like "how was it? you were all naked?" i'm sure they would have loved to have been included in the tradition. 

it was an experience i will never forget and one that i still treasure.  i hope they still do it to this day.  

what is your best high school memory?

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