Doggie Gift Bags for the Holidays

As usual, I have as many dogs as people to get gifts for this Christmas.  And I don't just mean Hawkeye 12 times over, as much as she would like that to be the case.  But I never leave dogs out of the holidays - they're family!!  This year, I decided to get gifts for my parents' dogs, Joey and Brody, John's parents' dog, Thor, and his sister's dog, Penny.  Hawkeye is probably the biggest dog out of all of them so I knew a perfect gift would be homemade little doggie goody bags, and they turned out adorable if I do say so myself.

I went with Hawkeye to Kriser's Natural Pet Store, which I've talked about before here in case you missed it.  We love this place.  Everything I talked about in that post remains true - it's clean, organized, has a super knowledgable and friendly staff, and is always decked out for every holiday.  So many cute things, snowflake cookies and snow boots and Santa toys, it's just fun.  I knew they'd have everything I was looking for; all the holiday pet essentials in one spot.

"yes, I know this place!"

I knew first of all that I had to get safe toys - Thor is a destroyer.  And I knew I had to get all natural treats for my parents' dogs.  Some people are more neurotic about what they feed their pets than others (ahem, mom), so I knew that no matter what I picked up, Kriser's was the safest bet - everything there will appeal to the pickiest of pet parents, from treats to toys.  Every single item is approved by the founder, Brad Kriser.

I started with the giant rack full of bully sticks in the middle of the store, because those are Hawkeye's favorite.  She's relatively picky so if she likes it, any dog will.  I decided on the little twisty sticks you see in the bag and I blissfully ignored whatever the sign said about what animal it came from.  Benefit of Kriser's - I know it'll be safe and I don't have to look at what part of the animal it came from.  Win win.

And then we moved onto toys. The toy selection for the holidays is huge and adorable!  We settled on the little bears and monkeys.  I say we, but I picked them because Hawkeye was too busy getting loved on by the staff to be of much help to me.  At least the staff was super helpful!

In addition to the little toy and the bully sticks, I also got each dog one of these dental chews, which you can see in the gift bags.

Not (yet) pictured in the gift bags are the little petite treats I also got.  I plan on opening these bags just before I give the gifts to my doggie recipients, so the treats stay nice and soft.  I'll use them to line the bottom of the baggies for the toy and bones to sit on.  Isn't that the cutest?  Not that the dogs will care one bit about my adorable presentation, but I care.

I put everything in cellophane bags and once I add the soft treats, I'll just tie some ribbon bows on and they're ready for Christmas.

If you're in a state that has a Kriser's, you definitely need to stop in soon.  There's so many options for great holiday gifts for your own pet or for a friend.  The Kriser's Pack (the staff) will help you pick the perfect thing for size dog or cat and any special need.  While Hawkeye was sniffing around, they helped a new dog mom pick all the perfect items for her puppy - they would have spent all day helping her, if she needed it.  The people who work there LOVE their job, which, as a customer, I always appreciate.

And now, just for fun, I thought I'd show you Hawkeye's 'GIVE IT TO ME NOW' progression into her bag of treats.  Because we all know I could never leave without getting her every single thing she sniffed for more than 3 seconds.

Yeah, she's face deep in there, trying to score whatever she can in the time it took me to snap the picture.  Blog dog knows how to play the game.  I did hide the rest of her presents, so I can put them in her stocking on Christmas morning because OF COURSE Hawkeye has a stocking, don't even ask.

I hope you'll make these treat bags for the furry friends in your life!  I don't want to hear 'dogs don't know it's Christmas.'  They know.  So show them your love and stock up on the holiday fun at Kriser's.  Do you live by one?  (Or wish you did?)  Did you finish your holiday shopping yet?  Let me know in the comments!

Look I made it all the way to the end without a howlidays pun.  Til now.  Sorry.  Happy Howl-idays!

If you have time, see how much other pups love Kriser's too:

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