On the First Day of Winter

On the first day of winter ... I gave myself 10 new seasonal goals.  Okay that's a lie, it's not exactly the first day of winter, but we're getting there.  Its actually next Wednesday, the 21st, if you're curious.  However, the link up with Steph and Sara is today, so today is when I shall post.  They host a goals link up at the start of each season, in case you're new to this.  Join in any time and make your seasonal goals!  Gives you 3 months to work on them, way better than monthly goals if you ask me.

So let's check in on how I did on fall and what I'm planning for winter.

Fall Goals Recap

"1. Host a Legends of the Hidden Temple Halloween party." In typical Halloween fashion, or in 'any time we hang out' fashion, Tara and I took no photos.  Well, I think she took a couple but I certainly didn't.  Let's be honest here - this is probably why we forgot about photos.

"2. Catch up to where I should be on my 101 in 1001 list.  ... should have 36 goals completed."  I was at 32, and in the last 3 months I've checked off: 91 - Tailgate in Iowa City, 57 - Film at least one vlog with Tara, 31 - Drink green tea daily for 1 month, 5 - Decorate our house for Halloween, 63 - Work a regular cleaning service into the budget (it's $80, every 4 to 6 weeks), 83 - Learn my favorite phrase in 5 new languages (I can now say 'two beers please, my friend will pay' in Spanish, German, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Hindi, and Greek), 8 - Host Legends of the Hidden Temple Halloween, 81 - Try at least 5 money saving DIY projects from Pinterest, 26 - Eat at Omega diner and get peppermint ice cream, 60 - Find one really good present for John's dad, and 9 - Decorate our house for ChristmasWhich comes to 43 so yeah, I definitely made it past where I need to be at this point, which is good for my goal of finishing the list early.

"3. Film and post a House to Home video tour."  I never seem to have the time to follow through on this. Hopefully soon!

"4. Finish the 60 Days to Minimalism Challenge." I'm happy I checked off all the days - you really sort through a ton of areas in your home and life if you do the full challenge.

"5. Decrease my lipstick collection." I ended up with the ones pictured here.  I only got rid of 4 or 5.  So half pass.  I have to get rid of more, I know that.

"6. Make a capsule wardrobe style guide." That's here if you missed it

"7. Get each month's financial statements printed and organized. All set up through November.

"8. Start organizing Twitter for 2017." I set it up so it tweets out one of my old posts every day, plus one of another blogger's posts that I like.  And then I don't have to think about Twitter for the entire year.  I use Hootsuite for it, by the way.

"9. Get all Christmas shopping done before the next link up for this post." Ugh I'm so close!  I have never before been this late but I started late - no idea why.  I actually had most things bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving, but I can't cross this off because I haven't finished two things I'm 'making' (one for John and one for my mom), plus I'm going shopping with Ida tomorrow for something for my dad. And Betsy still needs to tell me what she wants.

"10. Put up the Christmas tree and decorate."  Check out the Christmas decor here.

It wasn't complete but I actually feel pretty good about how far I got, considering that I had 10 items on there, and that fall is generally such a busy season.  Hoping the productivity will carry on to winter, but I'm pretty confident it will.  Winter is actually my very favorite season, I get so much done during the first month or two of the year.

Winter Goals

I'm actually pretty excited about all of them.  Except taxes of course, but it must be done.  Linking up with Steph and Sara.

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