'Twas The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the 'net
Bloggers were stirring, they're not done just yet.
The stockings were hung with monogrammed flair,
In hopes that all of Sephora rests inside there.

Target decor adorned all the beds,
While slouchy white beanies sat on their heads;
Add Starbucks in red cups, and berry red lips,
The perfect selfie is ready, just like a script.

The fake rug is out (since white space is better),
If only the dog would sit still in his sweater.
Set up the twinkle lights and tie on a bow,
Instagram husband is ready, now on with the show!

"Should we pose by the window?  Can you see the snow?
Or in front of a fire?  It has a nice glow.
Let's take one outside, it's not all that cold,
In front of the wreath, spray painted in gold.

It matches the dress, after all, it's the season.
But if you can't see the shoes, there isn't a reason.
How about the nails?  Can you see all the glitter?
Take a good close up, it's better for Twitter."

Yes, blogging takes effort, but hardly a lot;
Only 89 tries for that one perfect shot.
With filters applied and hashtags just perfect,
The likes and the comments make it all worth it.

Zoomed in a bit, and brightened a ton,
They upload the photo, pleased it's finally done.
But they tell all their fans, while still merry and bright,

Stephanie out, Merry Christmas!  See you next week.

P.S. 2015, if you missed it.

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