What You Can Expect (Here) in 2017

I know this is all out of order; here I am talking about 2017 when I haven't written anything that sums up 2016 yet.  The thing is, 2016 was complicated.  I haven't exactly finished my thoughts there yet.  We had some sad events, like the passing of John's grandma, and the world is in turmoil on so many levels, and yes I count Alan Thicke and George Michael in that.  People are very ready to put 2016 behind them.  But I didn't completely hate this past year because we had so many good things happen too.  Not the least of which being buying and moving into our house and John starting his dream job with the Chicago fire department.  Those are major happy life events that cannot be ignored, no matter how badly everyone else feels about how their years went.  So, I think my thoughts on 2016 post is going to get pushed back yet again.

In the meantime, I do know what you can expect from me in 2017.  Not that I can predict the future or anything, but I can pretty reasonably predict my own behavior since I'm a creature of habit and have been extremely predictable since I was 2.

  • A more dependable blog schedule.  I used to do this but I didn't really plan out anything in 2016, and I find that I'm more productive with a plan.  So I do have one for 2017.  I only have a couple posts written at the moment but I do have a post idea for every single Monday through Friday, all year long.  I definitely don't plan on writing all of them - I'm so not a 5 day a week blogger - but it's really nice to have the ideas down on paper (well, on Google Drive.)  Each month has a bit of a theme, like zero waste in April, but not every post will fit the theme.

  • More Instagram photos and more time spent on Pinterest, less time spent on Twitter.  I don't really even like Twitter that much, and although you'll see at least 2 tweets from me daily (thanks Hootsuite!) plus announcements every time there's a new post, I won't be actively checking it.  Maybe only weekly or so.  I love Pinterest, I've seen tons of improvement as far as traffic and interaction since starting with BoardBooster.  I also want to post to Instagram more regularly, which means taking pictures more regularly.  'More regularly' will be easy to hit since I currently rarely take pictures at all.

  • More posts about day to day life, perhaps in video form.  I didn't have too many 'insights into my daily life' posts in 2016, because nothing much changed and the routine was pretty typical.  However, lots of things will change in 2017 with John starting the new job.  Plus, I'll have more time to actually blog about those things or take some video (I like recording and making videos, but not when I felt rushed to do so) because I'll have a lot more free time at night when John starts his at least 24 hours at a time shifts.

  • Up to date 'extras.'  I have the so-called 'extras' up at the top left - the about page, the categories for posts, the advertise and resources page.  I always forget to update these but I just refreshed them a couple of days ago and I set monthly reminders to check on them and update as needed throughout the year.  I want this space to be easy to navigate for you, and I want you to be able to easily contact me as needed!  Always let me know if anything isn't working.  Although I do know the hire me page is short right now.  Which brings me to:

  • An as of yet undefined new project.  Like I said, John's new schedule is going to free up pockets of time for me.  I'll have all around less cooking and cleaning to do, and more down time at home by myself (well, with Hawkeye.)  I have a post going up next Monday about my goals for the year, but one of them is to make more side money online, though I haven't totally defined all the ways in which I'd like to do that.  But I know I would like to start something with this blog, something related to the questions I always get asked anyway, which are usually about organizing.  I'm thinking of setting up an online 'hire me' page where you can hire me to virtually help you with the decluttering and organizing process.  I might take on some guinea pigs to see how it could work, so if you're interested, let me know.

  • A revival of The Steph and Tara Show Podcast. Which isn't completely relevant to this blog, but not completely irrelevant either.  I used to blog a lot more about celebrations and holidays and while I don't blog extensively about those things any more, I do still celebrate all the time.  Our podcast is a focus on each day's holiday, whether it's normal like the 4th of July or weird like National Hug Your Cat Day.  We also tell you when it's an awesome holiday like National Donut Day, on which you can always get free donuts (so we research tell you all the places giving away free stuff!)  In 2016 we did this daily, and it got really complicated so we unintentionally quit. In 2017 there will be a new podcast each Monday morning and we'll tell you about the whole week at once, which is much easier.  If holidays and free things are your jam, then follow that website or find the podcast on iTunes.

And that's what I have so far on my thought process for the new year.  If there's anything in particular you'd like to see from me in 2017, or topics you want to read more about, I'm always open to ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You can also join me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  In addition to minimalism and organizing, I love all things 'real life' so use the hashtag #notentirelyperfect on social media so I can see your beautifully unstaged life.  On the top of the side bar to your right, you can follow me on Bloglovin or subscribe via e-mail to be alerted to each new post.

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