Movies I Watch on Repeat

February 28, 2017

I really enjoy linking up with Lauren and Bre for this 'add it to my list' blog hop; it's fun seeing what everyone else has been posting.  In January I made it the TV shows I've watched over and over, so I figured it would be good to follow that up with a movie list.  Because sometimes you're just in the mood for a movie and I can definitely help with that.  Now, I certainly have some favorite movies that I've seen, and I could potentially watch them more than once, over the span of a few years.  But this list is more particular that that - it's the movies that, should they be on in marathon form or stuck in the DVD player, I could watch over and over again, all day long, and not get sick of them. I feel like those are a very particular category!

Cheap and Easy Dinners

February 27, 2017

I already showed you how I organize my fridge to be as efficient as possible, and how I use prepared meals on the super busy weeks to help keep things under control.  But what about the times you don't want to shell out for those prepared meals?  You probably already know that breakfast and lunch can be quick and inexpensive (oatmeal, salad), but what about dinners?  Well don't worry, I still got you: enter cheap and easy dinners!  And I promise you, my level of easy is kiddie level.  If it takes long to cook, involves multiple pans, or has more than 7 ingredients, I automatically file it as difficult in my head and therefore not an option for busy evenings when dinner needs to get on the table quickly.  At the same time, I try to keep them as cost effective as possible.

The Importance (and Art) of the Thank You Note

February 24, 2017

My mother started making me write thank you notes from the moment I learned to write.  I mean, I clearly remember sending thank you notes on that paper with the dotted horizontal lines they make for kids practicing their letters.  I had to send thank you notes for everything.  Not just for birthday gifts, but for sleeping over at someone's house and for anyone who bought Girl Scout cookies from me and for all of my teachers at the end of the school year.  At the time, I was thoroughly annoyed by it.  They took forever to write and I had no idea what to say.  But my mom persisted.

And you know what, Mom?  I get it.  Mother is always right - always send the thank you note.  Do not be lazy.

Three on Thursday

February 23, 2017

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

What's In My Minimalist Purse

February 22, 2017

I applied minimalism to the contents of my purse right away, pretty much as soon as I decluttered my closet (which was step one for me, many years ago.)  I always hated carrying a lot of things when it made my purse get heavy and my shoulder started hurting.  But also, I was horrible at leaving my purse places when I went out at night.  It was lost and stolen so many times, I've lost count.  The number of new phones and IDs I've paid for.... shudder.  When I was in law school, my doorman at my apartment building would hold my keys at the front desk every night I went out with my best friend Meredith because I locked myself out so many times.  I've since learned to attach them to my bra strap, not to worry.  And I'm much better about keeping track of my belongings now, I swear!  Age, wisdom, and a complete ban on Jameson.

That said, I still like to keep the contents of my purse (a) essential and (b) streamlined enough to fit into a small wristlet.  Of all the purses I've lost track of, one attached to my wrist has never been among them.  I just like having my hands free in general, especially at street fests and things like that, and I've honestly been known to just stuff everything into my bra.  #GodsPockets.  Surprisingly enough, I've never done a post sharing the contents of any of my purses over the years, streamlined or not.  Which seems like a blog content staple so let's get into my very minimal and tiny purse dwellings now:

Common Sense is Not So Common

February 21, 2017

Common sense things people should know but apparently don't:

You cannot stand and block a doorway.  Say you just went through a revolving door.  You may not stop there on the other side and check your phone.  The doorway was not made just for you.  Other people are behind you in said revolving door and have no way to escape it if you're standing there in the way, other than to push you.  Which I will.  This also applies to the tops and bottoms of escalators, which to me is even more WTF because you know the people behind you can't stop and will run right into you so... why??? Why.

You always need to use your turn signals.

Dog Must Haves

February 20, 2017

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Have a dog?  Thinking about adopting a dog?  You've probably figured out by now that it's much more than buying a bag of dog food and getting yearly rabies vaccines at the vet (at least, I hope you're doing those things.)  So I gathered up a list of our most used and favorite supplies lately.  Whether you're getting a new family member or just shopping around for some new things for your best bud, hopefully there's something on this list that speaks to you.  All the products listed have been tested extensively... by Hawkeye.  She says 'you're welcome.'

How I Plan and Organize My Life (Currently)

February 17, 2017

I say currently because my process is constantly changing and evolving as my life changes, like any good organizational system should.  About 6 months ago I post about my daily routine.  With the change in John's schedule, things are a bit different which you'll see below.  Personally,  I love seeing how people plan and organize their days, whether it's a system that works for me or not.  I was fascinated with Alyssa's post about this, and we use Google calendar in some of the same ways so I figured I'd copy her and do a post on this topic too - so it's a little different then what I do each minute of the day like my previous post, it's more like what organizational systems I have in place that allow me to keep to my routine I talked about.

Three on Thursday

February 16, 2017

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

Things I Stopped Buying To Save Money

February 15, 2017

I've been a non-buying minimalist for awhile now, so I have a pretty good grip on my list of things I just completely do not purchase anymore.  Since deciding to fully embrace minimalism, there's a lot of things I've stopped buying in fact.  And not just minimalism - going cruelty free, zero waste, chemical free, all natural, vegan (vegan-ish.  Cheese, man.), all of those things led to a laundry list of things that I don't buy anymore.  But that doesn't mean I automatically save money.  Because sometimes it required finding a replacement product.  Just because you cut out Starbucks doesn't mean you're not still spending to make coffee at home, right?

14 Ways To Embrace Valentine's Day Today

February 14, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day!  You already know I don't hate this holiday - I rather love it in fact.  It's a great day to tell people just how much you love them.  Even if you tell them year round, who doesn't like hearing that they're appreciated?  Whether you plan on showing your love to the people or pets in your life, or even just yourself, I have a few ideas for you today.

Valentine's Day Cocktails

February 13, 2017

Tomorrow brings Valentine's Day, though I bet a lot of people celebrated over the weekend.  We did, because John graduates Wednesday so we can't do anything too crazy tomorrow.  He had a 'prom' on Friday, so we got dressed up to party for that, and had some other couples over to our house beforehand for the pre-gaming.  I thought it was a good time to make some fun cocktails, something festive for the almost-Valentine's Day season.  And I used just what we had on hand, because I don't like stockpiling ingredients we rarely use.  One thing I always have is Chambord, I love that stuff.  It's a raspberry liqueur, most well known for it's use in french martinis, which are my go to if I'm not having a beer.  I mixed it with a couple different things for different palettes, and here's what I came up with:

People I'm Grateful For

February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day is upon us next week, and I can't believe we're at mid-February of 2017 already.  I actually really love Valentine's Day.  And all holidays in general but this is a pretty good one.  But a lot of people loathe this holiday, and I just don't know why.  (Other than the prices on candies, dinners, and flowers going up, and I don't like that either.)  I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day.  I think it's just one of many great days of the year to tell all the people in your life how much you love them, which is what I plan on doing this year. 

So let me tell you about two people I'm particularly sending my love to this Valentine's Day:

Three on Thursday

February 9, 2017

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

If You're Going to Read Just One (Part II)

February 8, 2017

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I'm back with more book picks today.  People seemed to like the format of the last one, so I thought I'd continue that into a part 2.  If you have any additions to any of these categories, or have any ideas for the next set of categories, let me know in the comments!  On to the list.

But I'm a 90s Bitch

February 7, 2017

Ah the 90s tag - this is always floating around somewhere, one incarnation or another.  So I figured why not?  I consider myself a 90s kid.  I was born in 1984, so I feel like I fully 'grew up' in the 90s - I was 5 on January 1, 1990 and 15 on December 31, 1999 - and have a decent memory of everything from back then.  Well, not everything, but enough to give some solid answers to a 90s tag questionnaire.

Love Languages ... and Me

February 6, 2017

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I've mentioned the idea of love languages before, and particularly Gary Chapman as an author.  Love languages, simply, is the concept from the book he wrote in which he says everyone expresses love in one of five ways.  (That book has near perfect 5 star reviews.  Crazy.  But understandable!)  He says you likely have one or two dominant languages, and figuring out what yours is and what your loved ones' are is so important to your happiness and being able to fulfill your needs.  I definitely agree with this - many arguments are avoided once you realize that you don't feel loved by the particular way your spouse has been trying to show it.

It's pretty quick and easy to take this quiz and find out your love language is, if you aren't able to tell just from my descriptions.  I do recommend getting the book, if you're interested in the topic, because it has a lot more specific examples which can really help, particularly in the instance of two people having completely different love languages and learning to show love in that different way.  So let me give you a little overview of the 5 different ones I'm talking about.  And since I love to talk about myself and how things relate to me (this is why we blog, right?), I'm mostly talking about how the languages relate to my own life.

30 Bags in 30 Days: Places to Declutter

February 3, 2017

January is over and I'm done with my 30 bags in 30 days challenge!  I posted about that at the beginning of the year, how I wanted to clear 30 bags of donations and recycling out of our house in 30 days.

Three on Thursday

February 2, 2017

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

Stay-cation Essentials

February 1, 2017

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If you've been reading this blog for a bit, you know I'm really not a fan of travel.  I hate flying and I'm not even a plan of going away by car (except to Kentucky or Iowa) because I prefer to just enjoy the comforts of my own home.  Even when I have an extended weekend or time off from work, I sort of make it a point to turn it into a comfortable retreat at home but with the feel of a vacation.  I think some people are bored by that idea, but it's a great way to save money!  It's lovingly called a 'stay-cation,' in case you haven't heard the term before.  Stay-cation actually has a formal definition now - 'a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.'

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