But I'm a 90s Bitch

Ah the 90s tag - this is always floating around somewhere, one incarnation or another.  So I figured why not?  I consider myself a 90s kid.  I was born in 1984, so I feel like I fully 'grew up' in the 90s - I was 5 on January 1, 1990 and 15 on December 31, 1999 - and have a decent memory of everything from back then.  Well, not everything, but enough to give some solid answers to a 90s tag questionnaire.

Favorite Disney Film?

The entire decade is a long time to pick ONE favorite.  I mean, I was 5 turning 6 in 1990 and I guarantee my favorite was not the same as it was in 1999 when I was 14 and graduating junior high.  When I was little, I don't remember this, but my mom says she had to hide Dumbo because I watched 12,000 times and would make her hold me during the Baby Mine song.  I hate Dumbo now, it's too sad.  (And before you tell me it's from the 40s, I'll remind you that they re-released it in 1991 so there.)  The one I remember being my favorite was Oliver and Company, as far as the classic animated ones go.  From the princesses, it would be The Little Mermaid, though the princesses never had huge appeal for me.  I realize those were both released late 80s, but I didn't watch them a lot until the 90s.  Definitely my favorite Disney movie of the 90s and possibly ever is Tom and Huck, if we aren't sticking to the animated stuff.  Brad Renfro, you died way too soon.

Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?

Brink!  My best friend bought it for me on DVD a few years ago.  Still a favorite.  Zenon was 2nd.  Zoom zoom zoom.

Favorite Music Artist?

We had plenty of boy band CDs floating around, but I think my mom always liked them more than I did.  And I did go through an Ace of Bass phase and have a few memories of jumping on my bed to 'Zombies' by the Cranberries.  But when I was a kid, I was super into the alt rock music they played on Q101 (R.I.P.)  I can tell you I'm 100% certain that the very first CD I ever owned, myself, was Limp Bizkit.  I've seen Weezer in concert more times than I can count.  So I'm not sure which was my favorite back then, but it was likely Weezer, Oasis, or Third Eye Blind.  I was a weird kid.  I also fully went to Warped Tour with my best friend Meredith in 1998.  Because that's a good place for a couple of 13 year olds.  Actually, she's the one who bought me Brink, I think we thought we were cool skater punk chicks and we were SO not.  She's super preppy, I'm super country.  No idea how we loved the music we did.  (We can both skateboard though, relatively well, so there's that.) 

Favorite Candy?

WONDER BALLS.  I'm still ridiculously upset that they don't make these anymore.  By far my favorite.  I also always made my mom get me Buncha Crunch or Sno Caps at the movies, but they still make those.  Also, Dunkaroos, if those count as a candy/sweet.

Favorite Game (Board Game, School Game, etc.)?

Oregon Trail, no question.  Does any 90s kid even have a different answer to this?  If so, you're wrong, but let me know in the comments anyway.

Favorite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy?

My god, those stupid Teenie Beanie Beanie Babies.  I had to have them.  No one in my family ate anything at McDonald's that would get you said Beanie Babies, so my mom would go through the drive through and pick up happy meal burgers for the dog, just so I could get the damn Teenie Beanies.  Bless your soul, mom.  They're probably still in her attic somewhere.

Favorite Book?

I was a huge reader when I was little so I had many favorites over the years.  I always liked series, so the ones that stick out in my head are the Full House Stephanie series (because the name, of course), the Babysitter's Club, Goosebumps, and Sweet Valley Twins.  I remember Twins, not High, for some reason.

Favorite Clothing Store?  

I feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time in LimitedToo and Abercrombie and Fitch, which are pretty opposite... but regardless, I don't have that many old pictures of me in those clothes, so maybe I just didn't buy as much there as I thought I did.  I had a lot of clothes from Delia's though, that's for sure.

Favorite Show? 

I truly cannot choose.  Everything mentioned in that post and more.  TV was so much better back then.

Weirdest Fashion Trend?

That I personally participated in?  Overalls, mood rings, and neon windbreakers.  Woof.  For the record, I totally embraced light up shoes and slap bracelets but I don't think they're weird at all so I refused to pick them for this answer!

I think I should ask my mom all of these, actually, see if she remembers differently than me.  Particularly if there's some favorites I'm missing.  What would your answers be?  Let me know in the comments, fellow 90s kids!

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