Common Sense is Not So Common

Common sense things people should know but apparently don't:

You cannot stand and block a doorway.  Say you just went through a revolving door.  You may not stop there on the other side and check your phone.  The doorway was not made just for you.  Other people are behind you in said revolving door and have no way to escape it if you're standing there in the way, other than to push you.  Which I will.  This also applies to the tops and bottoms of escalators, which to me is even more WTF because you know the people behind you can't stop and will run right into you so... why??? Why.

You always need to use your turn signals.

Left lane is for passing.  If a car is coming up behind you faster than you're currently driving, you need to move over into the right lane, not the other way around.  Don't just sit in the left lane.

'10 Items or Less' lines at the grocery means you should have... wait for it... 10 items or less in your shopping cart upon checking out.  Mind blowing, I know.  And speaking of lines:

You need to be ready when you get to the front of the line.  You need to be ready when it's your turn.  What were you doing the entire time you were standing there?  Know your order, have your items ready, have your payment ready, whatever it is you need to do to be prepared when the cashier is ready for you.  Unless you just stand in lines all day for fun, you do you bro.  Just get out of the way once you get up there and have no business to attend to.

Freedom of speech as outlined in the First Amendment protects you from punishment by the government.  To the rest of the world, you're still responsible for the words that come out of your mouth.

'Should of' is not a real word or phrase.  It's should have.  Should've = should have.

Who someone else marries has nothing to do with you.  The fact that your neighbor wants to marry a woman is none of your business.  The fact that your neighbor is a woman herself still makes it... none of your business.  You don't tell strangers in a restaurant that they can't have dessert because you're on a diet, do you?  No, because what they do has nothing. to do. with you.

Not everyone has to like you all the time.  Stop placating.

You can never leave Saddle Club.

That last one was just for my amusement.  Tuesdays need amusement.

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