10 Tiny Things That Make Me Happy

Tuesdays are just a rough, rough day.  Far and away my least favorite day of the week, no question.  Mondays really aren't a problem for me.  Sure, going back to work after a weekend isn't fun, but Tuesday is when the disasters come and I get 10,000 phone calls and fires to put out - people are too busy doing their own thing on Mondays to bug me, so they wait until Tuesdays it seems!

I'm trying very hard to have a more positive outlook on Tuesdays.  Today specifically by remembering and enjoying the little things that make me smile each day.  I always think it's easy to list the major things in my life that make me happy (Hawkeye!), but that doesn't mean the little things are any less important.

- John's brother Eric having our alarm system app on his phone and his own code.  If the alarm goes off for too long, he gets an alert to his phone and always texts to make sure I'm safe, especially if John is working.  I also love that he has a key and a room and comes to hang out and play video games and entertain Hawkeye when he feels like it, it's like actually having a brother.

- Almost daily texts and gchats from my friend Megan.  She's my accountability partner as far as healthy eating, working out and weight loss goes.  We have a mid and end date in mind so we're both working towards the same thing.  She actually remembers to text me, if I don't text her first; we're pretty motivating for each other and the scale has been moving downwards so it's working!

- When John lights a candle before I get home.  I love my candle collection and I always light one as soon as I get home, pretty much the moment my coat is off.  Sometimes, John beats me to it if he gets home first.  He doesn't particularly care about candles either way, so I get really excited to see it already lit and smelling wonderful.

- Lilac trees/bushes.  It reminds me of my childhood, it's one of my favorite scents.  I love finding a surprise lilac bush or tree. 

- Long healthy nails.  They had a tough summer last year, because I got gels and dip powders a whole bunch of times, since I had a long vacation and a couple other things.  I finally stopped doing that, let the unhealthy part grow out, and started painting them myself.  That plus vitamins I take, the healthy food I eat, and the healthy, chemical free personal products I use has resulted in long healthy nails. I enjoy them a lot.  I do have to be careful to file them regularly, otherwise my pinky nail starts looking like I'm pretty familiar with coke.  Worthy trade off!

- Finding what I need on sale, exactly when I need it.  I don't like to shop or buy a lot of things, but I get ridiculously excited when I actually need something and find it on super sale when I go to purchase it.  I love the surprise sale, it's like I was meant to get it.

- Podcasting with Tara.  We don't particularly care if anyone listens or not.  We just like doing it!  It's just another excuse for us to chat with each other and be ridiculous, since we're not in the same state any more.  Even more hilarious when I listen to it when it goes live on Monday mornings.  I actually laugh.  And I was there to record it!

- Clean makeup brushes.  I fail to clean these regularly, try as I might.  But I love the feel of fresh makeup brushes when I do remember to clean them.  They just work so much better, like brand new all over again.  Saying I'm going to clean them more often would be a lie, so I'll just enjoy the feeling on the occasions I remember to do it.

- Perfect timing on my commute.  It doesn't happen often, so I have to cherish it when I can!  I take a bus and a train to work and then the reverse to come home.  Nothing is better than getting out to the curb at the exact moment the bus is pulling up and then getting to the train station right when the train is pulling in.  And the same home.  Not having to stand around and wait for one or the other (or both!) is one of the best things that could happen to me in a day.

- Phone calls with my best friend in California.  With the time difference and the different schedules, plus the fact that she has a two year old (well, 2 at the end of this month), it's nearly impossible to get each other on the phone, and certainly never for very long.  Unlike high school where we'd easily talk on the phone for 2 hours.  Catching each other at the right time and being able to talk for a solid 20 minutes is seriously exciting!

What little things happened to you today that made you smile?

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