Hangover Helpers

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Hangovers are still a thing in my life.  Actually, they're more of thing now that I'm older because I just cannot bounce back like I used to in college.  And I haven't grasped the 'you're too old to be drinking that much and getting hangovers' concept and I probably never will because I like to have cocktails and I enjoy going out and parties in general.  Which we've been doing a lot of lately, between graduation and celebrating and Mardi Gras.  And now with St. Patrick's Day coming up, I figured it was time to compile some of my best hangover helpers to share with you.


You need to replace your electrolytes and while water is absolutely necessary for rehydrating, you need more.  I dislike gatorade and drinks like it, because I don't enjoy the taste and there's other weird ingredients in them.  Pedialyte works so much better for me.

Find it at any drugstore or grocery store, by baby products.  And they actually make these in popsicle form now.  You're welcome.

Peppermint Tea

You need to get a lot of liquids back into you since you're so dehydrated, so along with Pedialyte, add some peppermint tea.  Peppermint is soothing for upset stomachs. 

Bananas and Pretzels

Some people swear by greasy food but there's actually no basis for that being effective.  But hey, if it works for you, enjoy!  What you really should try eating, if you can keep it down of course, is bananas and pretzels, which contain high amounts of what the alcohol has drained from you - salt and potassium.  The sooner you can get those things back into your body, the better you'll feel.

Activated Charcoal

It's what they use to pump your stomach at the hospital and it's what I use to whiten my teeth; it absorbs toxins.  If you have the capsules and use them to whiten your teeth, go ahead a down one with some water, it'll help settle your stomach.

And of course, lots of water and an ibuprofen will always help.  Anything you think should be added to this list?  What are your necessities when battling a hangover?

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