Little Known Facts About Me

It's been quite awhile since I did a specific get to know me style post.  Mostly because I feel like you guys do know me, but there are some who don't.  And I'm always thankful to see new faces around here.  I didn't want to do a total re-introduction though, for two reasons: (1) you can get most of that information on my about page, which was a pain in the butt to write and I'm proud of it and happy to direct people there, and (2) a lot of my readers have been with me literally since my very first blog post.  Seriously, June 2012, you can see Holly commented and she's still with me today.  They already know all the basics, why bore them with repeats?

Since it's been approaching 5 years now that I've been blogging in this space, facts about me that I haven't talked about are hard to come by.  It probably took me longer to write this post than any other so far this year.  (Side note, can we just take a moment to appreciate that this post marks me putting up a, in my opinion, decent+ blog post every single week day for 2 months?  I'm already halfway to what I posted in all of 2015.)  And these are probably a little more well known to my 'real life' friends who read this blog than they are to 'blog world' friends, but alas, you can't win them all.  I tried.

Anyway, all true little known facts about me:

- I got stuck on a roller coaster once, not upside down but fully leaned forward.  It was on this roller coaster, right when it opened in 2001.  See in the beginning, where it goes up at about 13 seconds in, before it goes forward to the rest of the coaster?  Yeah you do that backwards, so when it's coming back down you're facing the ground.  Of course, that's where it got stuck, at that top point before trying to come back down.  We weren't stuck long, maybe 10 minutes, but still.  Maybe that's why I'm afraid of heights?

- I was engaged once.  Well before I ever started blogging.  Like... over a decade ago.

- My favorite color when I was little was green.  I feel like that's a weird one for a little kid.  Now I'd say it's pink, or Hawkeye gold.  And it's been pink for many years but there was a time that it was definitely green.

- I'm very quick to notice when someone needs a friend.  I think it's because I changed schools often (6th grade, high school, college, law school) into places where I didn't know anyone and did so many activities (dance, tennis, soccer, church, etc.) that were separate from those schools, so I was the new girl plenty of times.  When people transferred in mid-year, I was always the first to befriend them.  If someone is standing around looking lonely or bored, I have no problem walking over and talking to them (it's how I met Betsy.)  It's one skill I'm pretty proud of - I don't leave people feeling left out.

- I've never even held a baby, let alone done anything else like change a diaper or something insane like that.

- I love Rob Thomas.  The lead singer of Matchbox Twenty.  No idea why, I just do!

- My biggest weakness/worst problem is that I'm impatient.  You know how they ask you in interviews about your worst quality and you're supposed to pick one that's not that bad and spin it to make it sound like you're really working on it?  Yeah if I were being honest, it's that I'm incredibly impatient.  There's really no good way to spin it unless I say that it makes me efficient. 

- I have never seen an episode, or even part of an episode, of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette.  Yet I seem to know so much about it.  How?!  I'm seriously perturbed by how much it's infiltrated my life.  I know the set up and about the rose ceremony and even their names, who ended up married and still together.  That is way too much to know about something I've never watched.

- I feel totally uncomfortable driving little cars.  I can do it, when a friend needs me to drive their car, or when I drive my dad's car to and from Kentucky, but it's definitely harder for me.  I learned to drive on my mom's SUV and drove that in high school.  Anyone's car I drove in Iowa was always a truck of some sort.  And now John has a pickup.  I'm much better at driving (and parking!) the pickup than any compact car.

- I really dislike watching the last episode or two of a TV series, if it's one I really enjoyed.  Normally I'm all about checking things off the to do list, but not this.  I hate the finality that comes with those last episodes, it makes me sad.  Like I'm losing friends or something is ending too soon, I just don't like it.  To the point where I put it off for months until I can mentally prepare myself.

- I'm absolutely convinced I dream the future sometimes.  I'll be in a situation and remember that I actually dreamed it, weeks before, to the point where I actually know exactly what's going to happen next and it unfolds exactly like I expect.  Experts say this isn't real, that you're just experiencing the moment vividly, but I disagree.  I know that I dream things before they happen.  If only it were ever lotto numbers.

And now I have a second part to this post - a call for questions.  I was going to do a post about minimalism, like the questions I get asked most often (why, how, etc.) but I thought it would be more interesting to find out from you what you'd specifically like to know.  It doesn't have to be about minimalism - ask me anything!  Organizing questions, about my family, about the fire life, about Hawkeye, whatever you want to know.  I'll have the followup Q&A post in a couple of weeks.

So, new friends and old, I hope there was something on this list that you didn't know and/or that helped you get to know me a little better.  Was anything surprising?  Have any questions for me?  Let me know in the comments.

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