Other Ways to Cleanse for Spring

I already gave you all my tips for spring cleaning, as far as it applies to cleaning your home.  But I think spring is a great time to also cleanse other areas of your life, because why not?!  There's definitely a link between a clean living space and the motivation to complete more goals and tasks, so if you're on a high from that clean house you just made, you might as well harness that energy and clean up some other areas.

More things you can 'spring clean' this season:

Your Diet

Spring and summer offer so many fruits and vegetables, particularly the farm fresh kind from the farmer's markets that don't cost an arm and a leg.  Winter can be rough for produce prices here in the northern states, I think it deters a lot of people from clean eating.  Plus the cold weather just lends itself so well to warming comfort foods full of breads, cheeses, potatoes, all the stuff we love.  Spring is the ideal time to quit the heavy foods and instead stock up on the healthy things.

Your Computer and Phone

You think you have everything under control until the inevitable day your computer crashes and suddenly, nothing is saved.  Do that now.  Go through every computer file and delete anything you don't deem necessary, organize it all nearly, and then save what you do need to multiple sources, like Dropbox or an external hard drive.  This is also the ideal time to do the same with all those photos you have saved on there.  And then apply the same principles to your phone - delete photos and contacts and apps that don't matter, backup everything else.

Your Goals

I may be a big fan of the 101 in 1001 list, but I'm also a big fan of changing some of those goals if they no longer appeal to you.  Interests and life circumstances change over time, for everyone.  It's perfectly fine if something that once ranked high on your goals list no longer does.  It's just time to take it off.  If you keep any running goals lists, now is the perfect time to read them over and cut anything that doesn't suit you anymore.  Replace it with something that sounds fun to you, today, so you're not weighed down by the things you think you should be doing but don't really want to.

Your Social Media

Delete any accounts that are just making you crazy.  You don't actually need a Facebook account.  Or Twitter.  For the accounts you do keep, it's time to unfriend and unfollow.  Stop letting people bother you!  Spring cleaning can absolutely apply to people and you know what?  It doesn't have to just mean social media - if you need to spring clean someone out of your real life too, consider this your guilt free permission slip.

Your Spending

I find I spend more in the spring and summer, despite the holidays being in the winter months.  I plan pretty well for Christmas but not as well for spring and summer, when everyone seems to want to make plans.  I spend on transportation, food, drinks, events, all sorts of things that I don't need to budget for when I'm staying home in January.  Sound familiar?  Then your finances might benefit from a good spring clean right now in anticipation of your busy season.  Take the time to compare your take home pay to your bills, figure out how to decrease your bills (and sign up for paperless statements and auto billing while you're at it!), and make a plan for the extra.  Don't forget about debt and savings, and then make yourself a very small but reasonable monthly 'fun budget' and prioritize what you'd like to spend it on this season.

What else will you be cleansing for spring this season?

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