Spring Goal Planning

Hard to believe a new season is almost upon, but it's that time again - seasonal goals.  I love setting seasonal goals with this link up because it helps me pick things to focus on off my bigger, longer goals list and I end up accomplishing more this way.  Before we get into my spring expectations though, let's look back at winter.

Winter Goals

I posted my 10 winter goals all the way back in December of 2016, before Christmas even.  Doesn't that seem like a really long time ago for some reason?

1. I posted about My 2017 Bucket List here.
2. John and I celebrated the new year by getting some cocktails at the bar we love that also loves Hawkeye and then spending midnight at home.  In coming years I'll probably host a party, but it was (likely) our last NYE together for the foreseeable future, because it's a firehouse shift that will get traded to the new guy fairly often.  We thought it best spent relaxing - John's brother came over and we played drinking games, ate crap food, and drank champagne at midnight.
3. The 30 Bags in 30 Days, while mostly comprised of crap from John's car, was successful.
4. Betsy and I had our virtual blog day early in January, I got a ton of stuff done.  As in, about a month ahead on blog posts.  We're doing another one next weekend.
5. I definitely dropped a dress size but I have more to go, which I'm actively working on with my friend Megan.  We're having fun with it.  As much fun as one can have with those sorts of things.
X 6. Nope! And this is one I thought I would hit right away.  We just haven't had the time to go get shelving, with John's graduation and new job and everything that went along with that.  It's on his task list when he next gets a furlough (21 days off in a row) or his Daley day (5 days off in a row.)
7. Hawkeye is obsessed with homemade food.  If she never has to eat dry food again she'll be happy as a clam.
8. We ate at Heaven on Seven downtown.  It's a Cajun place that I've been to before, but it's always good food.
9. A breeze! I actually hit that over a month ago, on February 9th.
X 10. LOL.  Whoops.  I should probably do this...

I feel pretty good about getting almost everything checked off!  That darn closet will just happen when it happens.  And now that I've reminded myself about taxes, I'll get my butt in gear and get it done next week.  But 8 out of 10 makes me pleased.  Hopefully spring will be as equally successful, but I do need to temper that expectation with some easier goals, because I am admittedly not at all productive during spring and summer.

Spring Goals

Wish me luck!  What are your goals this season?

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