Three on Thursday

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

1. Earthwise Reusable Bags.  The new rule in Chicago is that you get charged 7 cents per bag if you don't bring your own bags and have to use the ones the store provides, whether you get paper or plastic.  Fine by me, we need less plastic bags in the world and maybe a steep 7 cent tax will help people remember to bring their bags.  We have a variety of bags collected over the years, but my favorite to use lately are these Earthwise ones.  They lay flat to store but have a reinforced bottom so they sit flat when opened in the car or the shopping cart.  Perfect for grocery shopping.  They're also not too big so I can carry them easily and they don't get too heavy if I'm buying things like milk or canned goods.  And the price is great too.  By the way, I also keep one in my purse for those 'just in case' moments, and my favorite for that purpose are these Baggu ones, because it folds up super small and lightweight.

2. Valley of the Kings Sanctuary and RetreatIt's a sanctuary in Wisconsin that's home to over 50 abused, abandoned, injured and retired exotic animals - namely, big cats.  It's been open over 40 years and it's run by volunteers.  Not open to the public unless you get a membership (which is tax deductible, so if you live nearby, get one!)  For $200 a month, you get to be the sole sponsor of a lion or tiger.  $50 or $25 a month for some smaller animals.  All these babies need sponsors!  Tara and I are going to start running ads on our blog and podcast just so we can sponsor a Steph and Tara Show tiger.  There's all sorts of ways to donate.  Toys, perhaps?  You can also make them your charity of choice when you shop through Amazon Smile.  It's a great cause!

3. Home Chef.  I tried this on Michael's recommendation when she did her own three on Thursday post, I just couldn't resist.  I used her link, which got me a discount and I ended up getting 3 different meals each with 2 big portions and side dishes for $30.  I made sure to pick a week that John liked and he got steak, Korean pork, and salmon.  What a great deal, it was essentially 6 full meals for him!  I love that it's scheduled at your own pace so you can totally skip any weeks you don't want.  The food was good and fresh (I only tried the sides but John says the meat was great!) and the recipes were easy to follow.  If you struggle with meal planning and meal prep, this is such a good way to give it a chance and see what it's about so you could recreate some of the meals on your own.  Give it a try and definitely use Michael's code to save a ton on your first order.

Happy Thursday!

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