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I had a lot of fun the last two months linking up with Lauren and Bre for their 'add it to my list' blog hop.  There's been a ton of good posts I've read and I've added a few things to my own various lists from them.

Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren

For a different twist today, rather than share what I think you should add to your list (well, maybe you want to add these too!), I wanted to share with you what's currently on my own wish list, whether I got the suggestions from the link up or not.  It's sort of a collection of things that have withstood the various cullings and remain steadfast on my list, but the cheap minimalist in me just can't bring myself to pull the trigger just yet.  So help me out if you're familiar with anything on my list - do I go for it or delete it for good?

Makeup Bag(s).  Currently, my makeup collection and nail polish collection (and the tools that accompany those things) reside in one acrylic organizer that lives under my bathroom sink.  When I do my makeup in the morning, I generally pull that out and sit on the couch and watch TV.  Same when I have a free minute to do my nails.  There's four issues with my current set up: (1) it's heavy-ish, not unbearable but still sort of a pain to lug everything out when all I want is to paint my nails, (2) it's too big, I've downsized and don't have that much any more, (3) I want to separate my nail and makeup items because I rarely, if ever, do those two things at the same time, and (4) on the weekends, I sometimes bring it all upstairs to use while the boys are playing video games downstairs.  I think I just want one bag of makeup items and one small bag for nail things, for easier storage and transport.  And probably not unsurprisingly, I don't have spare bags lying around.  I haven't pulled the trigger because it's definitely a want and not a need and because I know I'd want to spend a little more and get exactly what I want and will use, rather than grab a spare from my mom's stash.

Silk Pillowcases.  Supposedly, they're much better for you to sleep on, as far as your hair and skin are concerned.  Clearly I haven't bought one yet for one main reason: it's $20+ for a single friggin pillowcase.  Get out of town with that price.  And I don't know, is that a real thing?  Has anyone actually experienced skin and hair improvement with their silk pillowcase?  Let me know in the comments.

Bread Maker I know it'll work well, it's easy to use, and it's pricey but not terribly so for a bread maker, but the main issue it really comes down to is how often I'll use it.  Because I hate having one use gadgets in the kitchen that don't get used at least every week or two.  So basically, if I'm not making bread weekly, it would be a bust in my book.  Maybe I should track it for awhile, like note every time we use bread or dough of some sort (sandwich bread, rolls, garlic bread, pizza crust) and see if it would make sense for our household.

Essential Oils.  The more people talk about them, the more I want to try them.  For things like my cleaning supplies and maybe for perfume, you know, the citrus and floral scented ones.  I already use oils for my face so it wouldn't be a stretch to use them in my other DIY supplies.  I just don't know which ones to get that I would actually use, and I hate to waste money trying random ones out because they aren't cheap.

A Firefighter Dog Costume.  I'm just weighing how much she'd hate me for it... but mostly, it'll be worth it.  I need this.

The Drinking Jacket.  I 1000% do not need this.  But it's freaking hilarious.  Maybe I should just buy it for John as a present to both of us.

Do you think through your purchases as long and ridiculously as I do?  Maybe I'm just crazy.

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