Add It To Your Karaoke List

The last Tuesday of the month = the 'add it to my list' link up that I've had so much fun with the last 3 times.  I was thinking about what other sort of 'add it to your list' things I really wanted to share with you and considered a favorite songs list, but then Tara decided she was coming into town and I instantly changed it to a 'karaoke picks' list.  I always make Tara sing karaoke with me.  And anyone else I can rope into it.  And by myself, I have no issues with that either.  I love karaoke and for the record, I cannot sing at all.  I don't think that's a pre-requisite though so I keep karaoke-ing away!

It was pretty hard to narrow my list down, honestly, because I will sing anything anyone puts on.  But if I get to pick, I always pick Old Time Rock and Roll.  After that, it's a toss up but the ones on this playlist regularly make the lineup.  Click here to watch the full playlist on YouTube.

Are you a karaoke fan or do you sit it out?  Anything to add to my list?  Let me know in the comments!

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