Seven Years of Hawkeye

Everyone's favorite fluff nugget celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday.  I know, I can't believe it either.  Since I adopted Hawkeye the day before her first birthday (I couldn't leave her in a shelter to not have a birthday party now could I?!), she's been with me for the last 7 years.  Seven.  Time flies. 

In that time she knew 2 different (very brief) boyfriends before John (we both agree John is the best - we started dating John just a couple weeks before her 4th birthday.  Yes, we.) and 5 apartments before moving into our house, so I think we're both happy to be feeling so settled down this year.  And I have absolutely no idea what I would do with out her.  She greets everyone like they've been gone 1000 years, she licks my tears away when I cry, she cuddles in bed with me every night John is at work.  And sometimes even when he's home, she'll just wedge herself right in the middle.  She's the most patient and loving and happy dog anyone has ever met.

Okay okay without further ado, let's get to the real reason you're here today - massive amounts of dog photos.  You're welcome.

Happy 8 years of life to my bestest friend in the entire world.  We're going to have 88 more together.

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