Slightly Obsessive Things I've Noticed I Do

Do you ever realize how blind you are to your own little quirks?  I mean, that's just you, it's not weird!  Since moving in with John full time, he's pointed out a couple of things that he refers to as 'pretty OCD' which is a slight exaggeration if you ask me.

Here's just a few things we've realized that I do that apparently aren't exactly the way the rest of the world does it, for your Tuesday amusement:

I arrange iTunes (or YouTube or however I'm listening to music) the same as the album.  Like Matchbox 20 - because if Real World doesn't play straight into 'it's sitting by the the overcoat, the second shelf, the note she wrote' ... Well I don't know what would happen. Maybe the world would end, you don't know. At the very least I would have a meltdown and replay both songs on repeat until they flow correctly and it won't be pretty.

I clean the tops of door frames every single week.  John tells me some people clean these... never.  And that grosses me out so bad.  I'm not sure that they need cleaning every week but come on, never?!  Have you ever cleaned these in your house?

I won't put anything away in the fridge until it's 'right.'  It has to be taken out of any bags or boxes, safety seals have to come off, if it's fruits or veggies they have to be cut up, ingredients have to be combined, basically it cannot go into the refrigerator in a state in which you'd need to work with it when you take it out.  It needs to be ready for it's intended purpose.  This makes Sunday afternoons, post-grocery run, a little busy for me in the kitchen.  Worth it.

I eat sandwiches all the way around first.  The middle has to be the last bite.

I cannot eat food that has touched.  If it was supposed to, like burrito ingredients, okay.  But different foods on my plate cannot touch.  Broccoli cannot touch mashed potatoes cannot touch cornbread.  I won't eat it.  I'm thinking of investing in those little kid plates with the separated sections just to ensure this doesn't happen.

I get rid of things so fast.  That shouldn't surprise you.  But there is no holding spot or maybe area, if an item isn't serving it's purpose anymore, out it goes that day.  John is continued to be amazed by the ruthlessness and swiftness with which I'm able to declutter.  I cannot stand things just sitting around.  I should note that there's a salvation army drop box over the fence behind our garage.

I have neurotic hearing levels and I can't let things go.  I cannot keep watches in the house that aren't digital, or clocks, because I swear to you I can hear the second hand ticking and once I pick up on it, I can't hear anything else.  I can also instantly hear if something is dripping or tapping and I will hunt it down until I find it and make it stop, and I'm really, really good at finding it.

Tara's input: the streamers from this night.  The ones that are coming down the walls. I made sure to tape them at the top by the ceiling and then twist them the same direction the same number of times before taping them at the bottom.  And of course there were the same number of each color used, and in a repeating pattern, along each wall.  But those streamers were goddamn beautiful, so there.

Here's hoping I'm not the only one - what are your weirdest quirks someone else considers a little too obsessive?  Let me know in the comments.

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