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It's sort of a weird feeling to be caught between really far ahead and also really far behind.  It doesn't make much sense, really; how can you be both?  But that's where I am right now.  I'm taking today to catch up a little.  You see, I'm totally on top of blog posts.  I've put a post up every single week day since the beginning of this year, and as you're reading this, I have another 74 completely finished and scheduled.  All the way through the end of June.  Yep, I'm totally on top of that! 

But, I've put off responding to comments for awhile.  Whoops.  Like, I think I'm about a full month behind now.  At least 3 weeks for sure but I'm thinking it's probably a month now - I'm too nervous to check.  Since I hate when bloggers don't respond to comments, I'm not just going to let them sit there.  I'm taking today to respond, so don't be too surprised when you get a really, really delayed response to something you forgot you said.  My bad!

So I pushed back today's scheduled post and instead, while I play a bit of catch up, leave me a comment below and let me know something about you.  Either some new fact I don't know or something fun that's happening in your life.  Whatever you feel like sharing!  (And I'll be back tomorrow with more zero waste essentials you need in your life.)

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