Things I Don't Blog About

I think it was back in March when I posted about my little known facts and mentioned how hard it was to come up with them since I share so much of my life already.  There are topics on this blog I've gone over many times and for most aspects I'm happy to be an open book.  But there are times when I purposely avoid topics, and it's not because they don't fit my blog theme or niche (I don't have one, clearly.)  They just generally fall under my 'don't touch it' umbrella because I just don't want to. These include (but probably aren't limited to):

Religion.  I went to Roman Catholic schools my entire life.  I'm 'over it,' pretty much.  Over talking about it, over analyzing it, over caring about it and possibly over believing in it at all.  Jury's still out.  Immersion did not work for this girl.  Religion has very little, if anything, to do with my daily life and interactions with my family and friends.  I don't even ask or care what most people 'are' because it's never actually mattered.  What you believe or don't believe has nothing to do with me.  Be a good person, that's it.  But I'm very wary of anyone who is too extreme about beliefs, regardless of what that religion is - religious extremism benefits no one, at least not that I've seen.  While I like learning about different backgrounds and ideas, I just can't bring myself to care strongly about it and definitely not enough to blog about it.  Here's something I do believe strongly: if your religion tells you to hate or kill or that someone else should not be afforded the exact same rights that you have, you need a new religion.

Politics.  I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and critical of big government.  A libertarian, if you will.  The fiscal outweighs the social in my life (which I recognize is privilege of course, and my choices would be different if I were gay, low income, etc.), and I will never vote democrat.  I don't feel the need to blog about it because I don't need to get into discussions or debates over it, as other bloggers and commenters are extremely liberal.  John is in a union, 2 of them now, and I live in a blue state and have all my life.  I've heard all the arguments plenty of times but happily sat my ass in my young Republicans club for years in school.  You won't get me to change my mind, I won't be able to change yours.  I can live with that.  If you can't, do you know what that sounds like to me?  Not my problem.

The State of the World.  I like to assume my blog brings a certain lightheartedness to your day with my fluffy topics like capsule wardrobes and dive bars in Chicago.  There is nothing lighthearted about the state of the world.  Pass.  Hard pass.

Veganism.  I eat mostly vegan.  I've been a vegetarian my whole life, that part is easy.  Vegan is a little tougher because of cheese.  And I know that eating vegan and vegetarian is of interest to a lot of people, but it's a really tough topic to take on.  One I'm not interested in throwing my hat in the ring on.  Not because the lifestyle or the change in eating habits is hard, but because the online community around it is rough.  I've seen it.  Commentary gets nasty.  I get it, meat eaters don't like their entire way of life challenged.  But at least they're open to it, most of the time.  No, the nasty commentary is mostly from other vegans!  Ones who think they're doing it 'better than you.'  That you're wrong about nutrients or vitamins or honey or you're not talking enough about the animal abuse that goes on.  You have to do it perfectly to please everyone all at once and it has got to be exhausting for the people I see write or make YouTube videos about it.  No thanks, not for me at all.

Sex.  No one in our lives think John and I don't have sex, okay.  No one is naive.  But we have family that reads here so nope, not going to be discussed and that is that.

Are you a blogger too?  What topics do you avoid writing about?

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