Checking Off The Lists (An Update)

As we approach June, the dreaded 'dear lord the year is half over already' month, I wanted to do a check in and show you the progress I've made on my 101 in 1001 list and my 2017 goals list that I posted at the beginning of the year.  Because I feel like I've been doing pretty well!  I do participate in the link up with Steph and Sara where I set seasonal goals, but when I do that I pull a good portion of them from my 101 list, so I feel like I've been making substantial progress on all my various lists.  Overall, I feel like I've been more productive already in 2017 than I was in 2016, and I attribute that to my goals lists and my dogged obsession with checking every last thing off of them.

Let's talk 2017 goals first since that's a shorter list... and a little less accomplished than my 101.  Whoops.

Done: 30 Bags in 30 Days, Take More Zero Waste Steps, Cut Out More Chemicals, Adjust to John's New Schedule, Revive the Steph and Tara Show Podcast, Paint Nails More Often, and Limit Ponytails to Once Per Week.  Some of these will obviously continue through the rest of the year but I feel confident checking them off because I've done them so well for the last 5 months. (7/23)

In Progress: Post 100 Blog Posts (this one marks 94!), Save $10,000, Grow My Blog, Post More Instagram Photos (meh), Follow Shopping Ban Rules, Get To My Goal Weight, Finish My 101 in 1001 List, Make $1,000 Per Month Online, Eat a Vegetable Daily. (9/23)

Haven't Even Started: 30th Birthday Party for John, Plan a Vegas Trip, Finish Invisalign Trays, Improve My Handwriting, Celebrate Parents' Birthdays, Dress Up For Halloween, Spend $0 on Christmas. (7/23)

For the 101 in 1001 list, I think it's been almost a year since I updated you on that progress, right after I had crossed off the first 20 things on my list.  We're way beyond that now, I've checked off 41 additional things since then.

002.  Eat at a cajun restaurant for Mardi Gras (February 2017)
003.  Make Easter baskets for the dogs to find (April 2017)
004.  Make red, white, and blue jello shots (July 2016)
005.  Decorate our house for Halloween (October 2016)
008.  Host Legends of the Hidden Temple Halloween (October 2016)
009.  Decorate our house for Christmas (December 2016)

017.  Try 5 new Chicago breweries (June 2016)
024.  Visit the Brookfield Zoo (July 2016)

Food and Drinks
026.  Eat at Omega diner and get peppermint ice cream (November 2016)
027.  Try 101 different bars and restaurants (July 2016)
028.  Try 101 different beers and drinks (August 2016)
030.  Come up with a meal planning strategy (September 2016)
 031.  Drink green tea daily for 1 month (September 2016)
 032.  Be vegan for 1 month (March 2017)
 033.  Do the full 6 weeks on the Eat to Live Plan (April 2017)
034.  Make (or delete) every recipe on my Pinterest board (January 2017)

041.  Set up a successful cleaning schedule (January 2017)
 044.  Set up an annual home maintenance calendar (April 2017)
046.  Build a cute entryway and front yard (July 2016)
 048.  Meet our neighbors (April 2017)

056.  Have a yearly blog day with Betsy (January 2017)
057.  Film at least one vlog with Tara (September 2016)
059.  Find one really good present for John's dad (November 2016)

Shopping and Anti-Shopping
062.  Buy a full length mirror Complete a 30 bags in 30 Days Challenge (January 2017)
063.  Work a regular cleaning service into the budget (October 2016)
064.  Find my holy grail in each makeup item (February 2017)
065.  Find holy grail skincare and hair care products (December 2016)
066.  Get Hawkeye's teeth cleaned (March 2017)
067.  Get a treadmill (January 2017)
072.  Don't acquire anything new without discarding something in it's place for 1 year (April 2017)

Trying New Things
078.  Go one week without wearing a plain ponytail (July 2016)
079.  Go one month without using heat on my hair (July 2016)
080.  Perfect morning and night routines (April 2017)
081.  Try at least 5 money saving DIY projects from Pinterest (November 2016)
082.  Create and use blog and social media editorial calendar (January 2017)
083.  Learn my favorite phrase in 5 new languages (October 2016)
084.  Work on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge (July 2016)

085.  Pete Wilt 5 crack machines (July 2016)
091.  Tailgate in Iowa City (September 2016)
092.  Set up a new vanity area with makeup and jewelry storage (July 2016)
096.  Make homemade food for the dogs (January 2017)

If you want to see what's in progress or not started yet, you can see that on Day Zero Project.  And let me know in the comments if you want a specific post about any of the above (morning and night routines or holy grail makeup/products maybe?) because I can never decide what might be interesting enough for a blog post.

I'm more than halfway done with the 101 list and I have quite a good amount of time left, so I feel really good about how far I've gotten on it.  I hope to check everything off!  And probably make a 3rd one, I just enjoy them a lot.  I am making progress on my 2017 goals, though not quite as quickly.  Some of the things I haven't started yet are seasonal and date specific, so I think I'll still be able to check off most things on that list, but there's already a few I'm eyeing as 'might not happen.'  Need to put a little more focus on those (freaking Invisalign trays, you're killing me.)

Do you have any running goals lists?  How is your progress going so far on them this year?

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