Monday, May 8, 2017

How I Reset For Each Week and Month

The best way I know how to ensure a great week ahead and stay on top of everything I like to get done is to spend the time 'resetting' everything on Sundays.  That way my Monday morning (the start of my work week) isn't cluttered or rushed and I feel like I'm getting off on the right foot.  It really does help everything run smoothly, from having clean clothes picked out to wear to having healthy foods prepped to eat.  Because I do not make good choices when I leave things until the last minute.  So I generally don't like to plan events for Sundays.  If it can't be avoided, then I at least try not to plan anything for Saturdays on top of that, so I get at least one weekend day to myself (plus John and Hawkeye of course) to recharge and prepare for the coming week.  I thought I would also share what I do on a monthly basis as well as what I do every Sunday.  Maybe something on this list will help you feel less stressed during your week.

Sunday Task List

Wash the sheets and towels.  I need clean sheets and towels every week, so I just always plan on doing this on Sundays.  Sheets take one load, towels (including kitchen towels and napkins, bathroom towels, and microfiber cleaning cloths) take another one, maybe two if it's been a busy week.  Not very long at all.

Finish all the laundry (and plan outfits.)  I strictly wash my clothing on Sundays, and it usually is only one load of things, because remember my tiny capsule wardrobe?  I can wash everything at once and put it back in my closet, ready for the week.  If you have more than I do (i.e., more than one week's worth of outfits!) then it might also be beneficial to double check the weather and plan out your outfits for the week.  If you have a big wardrobe, this is a good way to make sure you're wearing all of your pieces, especially if you include jewelry and shoes in your prep.  If you're someone who doesn't like to decide quite that early, trying planning outfits but add in a few more than you need.  Say 7 or 8 instead of just 5.  That way you have options but not an unlimited number.

Meal plan and shop.  I keep breakfasts and lunches very simple and then meal plan for about 3 or 4 dinners per week, based on John's work schedule.  I check the fridge and pantry in the morning and see what we have and then quickly make a plan and a shopping list and then hit the store.  Then I know food is ready and available and I don't have to worry about stopping at the store again until the next weekend.

Prep breakfast and lunches, and Monday's dinner.  I already told you how weird I am and I can't put anything in the fridge that isn't prepped and ready.  Since my meals are really basic and I don't mind (I prefer, actually) eating the same thing every day for a week, I prep everything on Sundays.  I have no problems with my sliced fruit and prepped salads lasting the entire week.  Perhaps our fridge is really cold or our tupperware really tightly sealed?  I've also sealed salads in mason jars, if you're interested in that tutorial.  Regardless, everything is still fresh on Friday. 

Set up my vitamins.  I have a little pill dispenser in the cupboard with a section for each day.  On Sunday evenings I take the last section and then reload it for the week with a multivitamin, iron, and vitamin D (I get a vitamin B12 shot monthly from my dad, otherwise that would be in the line up as well.)

Tidy and clean.  I like to do this throughout the week, of course, but I make sure that everything is reset come Sunday night.  Everything cleaned and clutter put away so Monday can start fresh.  This also includes emptying the trash and recycling, which John takes out, but I have to remember his bathroom trashcan.

Check goal and to do lists.  I have a lot of running lists of things I want to do, so I check these weekly and see if there's anything I can work on or schedule in.  Then I make a master to do list for the week in the Reminders app on my phone, assigning items to certain days if need be.

Monthly Task List

Upload photos and delete them off my phone or camera.  If I were better about taking pictures with any sort of regularity, it's possible I would need to do this on a weekly basis.  As it stands, it's only a monthly task for me.

Review the calendar for the upcoming month.  Including birthdays, which occasionally require more time and planning, which is why I check monthly to see what I might need to prepare for.  Generally I only plan things on the weekends, so I like to look ahead at the weekends coming up to see what's going on.  I also like down time, so glancing at the entire month at once allows me to make sure I haven't spread myself too thin.

Discuss finances and budget for the upcoming month.  Our bills stay the same or at least very close to, but if there expenses tied to any upcoming events, it's important that we're both aware that those are on the horizon.

Schedule appointments.  With most doctors and even for getting my hair done, it's impossible to call and get an appointment the same week.  So I check the calendar monthly and if I see that it's time to schedule something, I do that right at the beginning of the month (or even a month ahead) so I have enough time.

And that's my list!  At least, those are the biggest things that help keep my life running as smoothly as I like it to.  Do you do a weekly or monthly reset?  What's on your task list?

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