Real Life This Week

In my real life this week...

... I haven't made the bed once.  I can't bring myself to care.

... or put any of my makeup items way, they're scattered across the coffee table.

... the clean laundry is still sitting in the basket, waiting to be hung or folded.  I act like this task is much harder than it actually is.

... I slept downstairs on the couch because it's cooler down there and I'm too cheap to turn the air conditioner on.  Plus John was at work so I could stay up until 2 a.m. watching Forged in Fire on the History channel.  Paid for it the next day.

... I haven't turned the fans on to combat the couple of hot days, because they need to be cleaned.  Our cleaning lady is coming Saturday so I'm just waiting it out for her to do them.

... I bought and stockpiled some Christmas gifts.  Yes, I know it's May, but I had gift cards and stuff was on sale so even though it's going to be cluttering up my house for awhile, I like having it done.  I have a plan for everything I picked up and it's hiding inside my suitcase so it's not that bad right?

... I didn't bother making it to the grocery store since John was working two days this week, plus I spent Mother's Day out in the suburbs with my family (my usual grocery shopping and cooking time.)  It's like a personal challenge to see how many weird things I can eat out of the pantry or freezer and call it a meal.  Avocado on toast and a side of frozen peas?  Works for me.

... I dropped the raspberry jam while trying to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for work.  I totally let Hawkeye clean most of it before bother to get the cleaning supplies out.  This is why people have dogs, no?

... the trash is still sitting by the back door.  I can't manage to take it out even when I know John isn't here to do it.

I enjoy blogging about organization, minimalism, and goal setting.  But it's not always an organized and productive household over here, don't get any false ideas.  Real life is real life.

This post idea from Lauren originally.  One of my favorites, check it out.

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