Things I Can't Give Up

When I examine my life in general and try to see what I'm still wasting money and time on or what's not so zero waste, I've found a couple of things that keep popping up.  But unlike my 'things I stopped buying to save money,' these particular items are ones that haven't been going anywhere and I don't foresee them doing so any time soon, no matter how hard I try.  Or don't try, let's be honest.  Specifically on my things I can't seem to give up list:

Candles.  Specifically, 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works.  I know they have chemicals and I should switch to a different brand with beeswax and essential oils or try making my own.  But I just can't.  I love these too much.

Shows and movies for kids.  There is nothing you could do to stop me from binge watching Girl Meets World or all the Olsen twins movies.  There's a line drawn at cartoons (I've never liked those) and things that are just TOO young like Barney, but mostly, I can't quit watching things that are recommended for a 6 to 12 age group.  It's just always happy and things get resolved in every episode, sometimes I need that in my day.

Taco Bell.  I eat so many healthy things throughout the week, and I've been cutting way back on eating out at all because I want to save money and be less wasteful (fast food has so much plastic and paper waste associated with it), and yet, I will always jump at the chance to stop at Taco Bell.  My mom always says 'you can make Mexican at home!' and that is a very true statement.  But it's also a very true statement that Taco Bell is not Mexican food, and I just can't seem to replicate it.

Netflix.  Nope, not happening.  I don't watch cable TV so I just watch things on Netflix and my Apple TV.  I guess the argument could be made that I would be more productive if I didn't watch any of this stuff at all, but I don't know that that's always the case - I'm very productive while I watch, doing things like cleaning, cooking, putting laundry away, etc.  So at $10 a month, I just don't see the need to get rid of it!

Makeup.  Clearly it would be (a) cheaper, (b) easier and more time efficient, and (c) totally zero waste and free of chemicals, but I can't and don't want to quit makeup.  I like makeup.  I have fun with it.  I have streamlined my options, and how many products I put on in the mornings to save time before work, but there's just no way I could give it up altogether.  I know a lot of people are fine just swiping on some mascara and lipgloss before heading out the door, maybe concealer, but that's not me.  At a minimum, I like a tinted moisturizer, concealer set with powder, eyeshadow, mascara, and something on the lips.  And at that point I might as well throw on bronzer and highlighter because it takes just a few more seconds.

What's on your list?  What won't you quit, even if it might save you time or money if you did?

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